Siege Of Gravestone Gates

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Black Banner VS Dead Guard

Gravestone Gates was a mausoleum-like church, built like a citadel, amidst the Zayr ruin. It served as the top Church of Hades for all of Bal-Kriav. In 1464, the adventuring group Black Banner and their goblin army assailed the place. Four assaults were sent against the place, with goblins and undead using the dead and wounded as makeshift stairs. On the fifth assault, Gl├│restel, pilot of a skyship, was pierced with an arrow of slaying while heading for a bombing run over the fortress. He lost control of the skyship and the vessel smashed into a wall. The breach created and the dust cloud raised by this crash led to the storming of the place. The assaulting troops, bitter of the prolonged siege, spared no living creature in the place.

The attackers took glee in the death of the most innocent of creatures, butchering Habligon's (High Priest of Hades) carrier pigeons and slaughtering the infirm and crippled with no remorse. The dead were stacked like cord wood beneath the shadow of Rancor Summit. On the zenith of Deaths Kindle, Katrana and Dax evoked their necromantic arts, raising all of these corpses as undead.

- Arbazimân, Black Tide Historian - "Siege of Gravestone Gates"

The siege of Gravestone Gates was the final battle of the Grim Harvest Crusade (1462 - 1464).

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