RegionNorthern Hordelands
Class15th illusionist / 10th barbarian / 5th frenzied berserker
TitleLord of Kennel
Alignmentchaotic evil

In the waning years of Yagamph, Yack-Leban was summoned to Bal-Kriav. Gnoll wizards of Howling Wind, with aspirations of glory and might, opened an artifact called the Book of Infernal Secrets. The dark pages were read, and the summoning began, the mages paid little concern for what may come forth.

In addition to many lesser demons, which were easily controlled, the book also had information to bring forth more formidable lords of the Abyss. The most terrible that Howling Wind summoned was one called Yack-Leban. Being a master of deception and disguise, Yack-Leban came to his summoner's as a weak and simple demon. He showed promise and loyalty, adept at learning new things, like spell craft, and having an uncanny sense at devising deceptive plans for his masters. Over a period of 13 years, Yack-Leban rose in power and gain the loyalty of a number of powerful shamans, Yagamph senators, and others of importance.

One spring night in 951, Yack-Leban and his team of babau assassins set to murdering the Howling Wind and ending the last bits of control they had over him. The demons butchered 10 of the 14 mages, with the others fleeing the bloodbath by way of teleport and other magics.

Today, Yack-Leban dwells beyond the Hound Gates, in the Mughorz valley. As Lord of Kennel, he sometimes raises humanoid hordes to raid and plunder the peoples around him. The more terrible of these armies are those led by death giant generals. Yack-Leban's raids have resulted in several punitive missions from the Lands of Purity. The holy churches of that land organize knights, high priests, and other crack units to go north into the Hordelands and punish the heathens.

A demon army is best dealt with by surgical strikes...eliminate the head, and the body will die.

- Lord Kelbright, "Dispatching a Demon Horde"

In 1126, using abyssal energy to corrupt the very essence of some of his gnoll subjects, Yack-Leban created the Mughorzan.