Nalbirag Cliff Mine
RegionIce Cap

The Nalbirag mountains are west of the entropic lands that in more recent times have become known as Flux. Being the only source of gold ore for Ice Cap's western reaches, Nalbirag has long been mined. The slopes are dotted with abandoned structures, old forts and keeps, and hundreds of dead mines. Among these are dozens of active mines. Some are deep mines, linked up with tunnels descending into the Underdark region Badmaer. A few serve as trade routes to Uromon and other subterranean settlements. On the surface, avalanches from what many call the Snores of Geb, can expose fields of gold nuggets. This leads to a frenzy of easy loot seekers and a lot of fighting.

Mining in the area began with the founding of Haag-Bre. Thousands of years later, in the Horgon Era, C√Ľngin-Zar ruled over the area. Haag-Bre fed gold into the coffers of this empire's stone giant masters. In the Second Epoch, the area's mines were run by goblins and dwarves. They were split, one serving the interests of a merchant lord out of Haag-Bre, and the other a merchant out of Azudushmanam. In the Nalbirag Gold War, these commercial rivals reluctantly joined forces, successfully driving off those seeking their land and gold mines.

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