Basilica of Thasmudyan

Built13 Temporal 1092

This unholy edifice is sited at the heart of Phanêthil. The Basilica of Thasmudyan was built around the location where a mortal named Thasmudyan, became the god Thasmduyan. The birth of an evil god at this place makes it one of the most evil, haunted, sinister places on all of Bal-Kriav.

In 1044, Caliguworm's minions begin work on the Basilica. Nearly five decades later, on 13 Temporal 1092, it was finished. The following day, Caliguworm was made Thasmudyan's Arch-Cabal for the world Bal-Kriav.

The Basilica of Thasmudyan is a towering structure that looms over all the buildings of Necrocrypt. It has been rebuilt several times, with each successive change making it much larger and grander. This ghoulish and dark place will drain the warmth from mortals. Skulls and bones are added to the structure by simply pushing them into the walls. The mere touch of corpses or bones are absorbed into the Basilica and add to the grisly, deathly sight of the place.

A permanent Unhallow spell covers the area of the Basilica of Thasmudyan. When Thasmudyan became a god, a 500' shallow diameter pit was created where he died. This hole then filled with putrid water. The inside of the Basilica has a maze of walkways built over the pool. The entire structure of the Basilica of Thasmudyan is very cold. This cold does not chill, but burns, causing blisters and festering boils. Living creatures that sleep in the place, gain willing deformity as a bonus feat.

Two evil leaders gained much of their power and learned the darkest necromantic arts at the Basilica. Caliguworm lived in the Basilica of Thasmudyan, went insane and destroyed his own people, the Melephaeusans. Katrana learned her dark arts at this evil place and preached the word of Thasmudyan to her fellow adventurers of Black Banner.

Inside the Basilica are many evil things. One of those is the Cauldron of Lost Souls. This nightmarish cauldron contains a deep black liquid that dampens any light around it. Drinking from the cauldron will turn a creature into a lich if they survive the transformation.

In the vast crypts beneath this evil edifice are the offices of the Pharêthôn.

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