High Wood Quake

Mîm Khazun Zealot
RegionHigh Wood Country

In 1251, Mîm Khazun zealots out of Tarbhunarâg evoked the last words of a mighty enchantment. This spell involved draining the power of an entombed primordial and transferring it into a weapon that would be of unsurpassed power. The Mîm Khazun enchanters seem to have greatly miscalculated the amount of power in the primordial because it caused excess energy to spill over in great pressure waves. All those around the enchanting area and most living things up to ten miles away were pressure pulverized and killed. The Mîm Khazun enchanters failed to create an artifact, with the hammer reduced to dust by an onslaught of pressure waves. It is believed by some though that making an artifact was never their real intent. Alatáriël, Spirachiln, and other elven groups of the High Wood Country, and even some Tarbhunarâg historians, say that the true intent of the zealots was to cause a great earthquake, one so big that it would put a smile on Geb's broad face. The zealots thought that the quake would drain lake Nelshreen into the bowels of the Underdark resulting in ecological disaster for the elven peoples of Voternil. Mîm Khazun figured that the mayhem would make Daklode's conquest of Voternil all the easier.

Beneath the epicenter of the High Wood Quake were created permanent breaches between the worlds Kriav and Bal-Kriav. These feydark fissures devastated the areas Baranarth and Einreth. Once verdant forests, they would become desolate wastelands. It also led to the development of Nanyerien's entropic breaches. Some of the creatures that have come to inhabit these areas of Voternil and beneath, are descendants of those that once lived on the world Kriav. Today, creatures still come over from Kriav's feydark fissures coming up from Menortamon and then up tunnels that breach the surface in the wastes of Baranarth and Einreth.

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