LocationEye of Gith
OwnerHar'kish Empire
Founded16 Artifice 901

In 899, one of Har'kish's astral skiff discovered one of the lost Eyes, ancient relics of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). Not long after, a larger githyanki force followed, taking claim of a rock five miles diameter, floating aimlessly in the Astral Sea.

On 16 Artifice 901, construction began on Rib'git, a massive citadel to house and protect the nascent empire's special weapon, the city-busting Hand of Gith. The military importance of it and the rock around it, what had been renamed the Eye of Gith proved of great value to what was then a petty empire of a mere ten thousand or so souls.

In 919, Har'kish lab coats figured out how to turn on the empire's Eye of Gith. This allowed them to rapidly move through the Astral Sea. Another decade followed before the Eye of Gith was ready for war. During this time, a Har'kish army was stationed at Rib'git and in forts and camps. When all was ready, they went hunting. On some of these raids, they extorted just by the mere presence of the Eye of Gith floating above their dwellings, and against others they made war. Fighting with the Suellk, their greatest enemy, led to a tradition whereby the bones of Suellk mind flayers are ground down, then mixed with the mortar for Rib'git's walls, towers, paved streets, and buildings. The success of these raids and wars made Rib'git rich very fast.

In 1003, Rib'git became Har'kish's capital. By then, sited on the Ithar Plateau it was an imposing edifice, ornate in appearance, yet brutal with sharp edges and jagged spires.

Nearly 5% of the city's population are those who have been programmed to serve, so-called Drones of Gith.

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