Grisagwer knight on war elephant
RegionHells Womb
HeadquartersVaronil (Symdar)
Alignmentslawful neutral, lawful evil
Symbolshard of ice
FounderCommander Poit
Established14 War March 1238

Grisagwer is a very old order of knights founded during the reign of Kal-Oni. A decade after their founding, they started using elephants as their war steeds.

When the Council of Bile was founded, they became one of them military's Orders of War.

The most powerful element of this order are their large number of Kamoni Elephants. These elephants come by way of Kamoni, then to the great markets of Paradomea City and then go west to the lands of the Council of Bile. Grisagwer purchasing agents get them young when they are less stubborn and easier to train to be a war elephant. The Kamoni Elephants are typically outfitted with heavy armor, with some trained to wield great swords or other brutal weapons.

Grisagwer's knights are used by the Council of Bile as a morale-breaking unit and one for breaking strong points. Due to their high expense and years of required training, they are rarely used in the dangerous work of attacking fortifications or going up against troops armed with pikes.

Stampeding elephants with battle nests on their backs are a terror to behold to even the most battle-hardened veterans.

- Nacag Sûttucâph, Grisagwer knight-marshal

The elderaunts of Ivory Asylum revere elephants and forbid the use of them in battle, so it is common to here them spit curses on hearing someone say the word Grisagwer.