Bathor - Lirgaza
RegionHells Womb
Ownerindependent city-state
Diiv Kiir5%
DeitiesBahamut, Mammon
Founded11 War March 910

Bathor is an independent city-state cradled in the rolling hills of Mynzuth. Founded in 910 by the Nermanis Syndicate, it was their most successful southern trade station. The descendants of these Nermaneans make up the majority of the city's population.

Paradomea City is a major trading partner of Bathor. The Bathorians supply 30% of the wheat required to sustain Paradomea City's vast population.

At the start of the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), more than 20,000 Nermaneans lived in the city, with double that in the burrows and surrounding countryside.

In 1466, Bathor fell to the armies of the Black Tide. Luckily for half the city, Paradomea helped in securing safe passage. For the rest, they were lost to war, missing, killed, turned into undead, or sent into slavery. Though most Bathorians take no honor it, one of the more deadly units of the Black Tide were the Knuckle-Bone Slingers; a unit of undead Nermaneans skilled in the use of the sling.

Bathor was ruled by the Black Tide for forty years. In the Artery War (1546 - 1554), it was liberated, once again becoming an independent city-state.

Bathor has strict limitations on the suitability of housing. Wanting to maintain their society and family values, and not end up like the melting pot of Paradomea City, at least 65% of the housing must be built to the comfort of smaller folk - the size of halflings.

Bathor is the largest exporter of olives. They are also known for their wines. Ringing the city like walls are hundreds of vineyards. Bathorean Wine ranks among the best of the realm's wines. The city is a crossroads for three major roads. As such, a lot of travelers and caravans pass through and around the city.

Long known for being crafty and shrewd in business, many come to Bathor to study banking and other aspects of business. The city's most prominent house of worship is the Hall of Coin, a gaudy temple dedicated to Mammon

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