RegionTribe Steppes
Class25th necromancer / 10th dragon invoker
RaceAggorath (Lich)
Title17th Dragon Headmaster of Vith Alok
Alignmentlawful evil
Born2 Dreamer 1477 HE
Undead13 Witchrite 1722 HE

Drog'paagol was born in the Aerie of Dragons, at the height of Zeymah'kein power. He was in and out of different dragon cults. He was usually chased out of these cells because of his aggressiveness to other cult members. He spent a lot of time with Vith Alok.

In 1101, Drog'paagol hatched an egg of Tiamats Clutch, one that had already been named long ago by the dragon cultists of Whitefang.

We deliberated with the idea of incubating one of the eggs for nearly three decades, with most leery of bringing forth anything from the Gral Wahliik line. At the time, there were vague legends of the last wyrm hatched of Tiamats Clutch. Most said that Cennuth, a blue, was utterly independent, ruthless, and sought nothing but plunder and destruction.

Of our remaining eggs, I have already named one. Through my own magic, I have identified this one as a shadow type and will call it Torfillifus.

- Haal Iiz, excerpt from his book on dragon-blood families - "Blood of Gral Wahliik"

In 1298, he came in possession of Phaze Keep. He built a large complex around this marvel and called it Nir-Madyin.

In 1322, Drog'paagol forcibly took over the dragon cult Vith Alok. In the attack he was backed by nine dragons, the leader of this pack was the shadow dragon Torfillifus. His motives for taking on the Cult were to gain mastery of it and more importantly access to its ancient archives of dragon magic and Zeymah'kein lore.

In the early part of the Third Epoch, the Orchish Empire sent an army to rid Hellstorm Pass of the lich and plunder his vast labyrinth. This forlorn army met a dastardly fate. Every one of them was killed by Drog'paagol. The attackers were then raised as undead and set to guard Nir-Madyin against future attacks by the Orchish Empire.

The attack did not come, instead Monty the Mad sent envoys to work out a deal, whereby Drog'paagol could keep his labyrinth, but must turn the stewardship of Hellstorm Pass over to the Orchish Empire and allow them to build a fort above the place. This fort became known as Fort Hellstorm. If he did not accept these terms, then he would have to face not only the full military might of the Orchish Empire, but the wrath of Emperor Blac'Drugulois.

Drog'paagol lived in relative peace with the Orchish Empire for well over four centuries, aiding Fort Hellstorm's garrison against attacks and providing intelligence to the Overwatch. In 1822, Drog'paagol's belligerence finally ended his welcome in the Orchish Empire. He was ordered to leave his crypt after the Battle of Fort Hellstorm.

When Drog'paagol resided at Nir-Madyin, he had a crack army of undead, dracoliches, fiends, and golems. All of his undead had been enhanced by necromantic spells and were nearly resistant to priestly turning and influence. When he was forced out of Fort Hellstorm, he took this army west into the Tribe Steppes.

In 1832, Drog'paagol killed Emperor Blac'Drugulois at the Siege of Surkiln (c.f. Grashak Front).

Drog'paagol is not native to Bal-Kriav. Some say he was driven from the Toril realm by divine powers. Drog'paagol is a dragon invoker, and as such he can cast all spells normally restricted to dragons, such as the spells contact archetype, cold curtain, venomdust, and many others.