CategoryHigher Powers
Alignmentchaotic neutral
DomainCold, Death, Fate, Winter
BirthplaceCrillion Comet
Born26 Temporal 999 DE
Godhood13 Bloom 2702 LE

A Lith-Crillion, Kebechet is the daughter of Anubis. Theirs was a familial relationship quite rare for their race. It came about from Anubis's a interest and study of a people with tight families. A case of the researcher getting too close to the subjects, he applied the idea to himself as the test subject, to see how his own people, the Lith-Crillion, might function under the concept of family bonds. It is said Anubis's skill with soul energy was such that he was able to pass some of his traits to a newborn in a birthing pond. Housed aboard the Crillion Comet, these devices were the way more Lith-Crillion came about. As a result of Anubis's tampering, and unlike others that come from these birthing ponds, Kebetchet became aware of a connection to her father.

They make more of their kind by these ponds of mystical ichor. Copulation happens in the pond. Growth of the newborn also happens there, that is outside the body of what we would call the mother. There is something about these ponds that changes the make-up of those that maturate in them, their bodies become hardened to the hazards of the Void. Up until the use of these ponds, the Lith-Crillion had become frail and sickly; the effects of many generations aboard the so-called comet.

The bad side of this is children grow to maturity never knowing their parents. Their have been cases of individuals developing familial relationships. The idea came from observing other sentients. The best known example of this is Anubis and his daughter Kebetchet.

- Tyr'moch, of the Marching Twenty - "Birthing Vat"

When Anubis died battling the primordials, Kebechet got his power to shepherd the souls of the afterlife. Generally speaking, this means she makes sure that souls are not waylaid on their journey to one of the Soul Gathering Systems.

On the side of both the Nawirrûs Covenant and its successor, the Quara'tun Covenant, Kebechet worked closely with Hades, guiding soul energy to its destination. After the Angelic Departure (9494 GE - 9500 GE), these two would go on to become competitors for mortal followers.

In 775 HE, elven proselytizers out of Lúthil spread the gospel of Kebechet to Malad-Mîn. When that empire fell and Phlehorn was founded in the Clans region, her worshipper base shrank. Today, about 5% of the Clan's dwarven population still worship her. On Brucrumus, her largest worshipper base is in Ice Cap with hundreds of thousands of Goliath.

In the reign of the First Khazarkar Empire (346 - 1027), the Church of Kebechet was one of the empire's strongest churches. When the Eldritch Conclave became a major player, her influenced dropped precipitously as her temples were robbed, heavily taxed, and her followers charged with trumped up crimes.

In 1002, Queen Dras'ee carried the word of Kebechet into the Aerie of Dragons. In Zomaar Yelvaad, she had a great church built to her patron deity.

In the Eldritch Civil War (1017 - 1027), followers of the Church of Kebechet were betrayed by those of the Church of Set. By war's end the Church of Set held sway over the newly formed Second Khazarkar Empire. They established a theocracy government, issuing a bull forbidding worship of any higher power but Set. After suffering many decades of persecution under the Church of Set, the Khazarkar worshipers of Kebechet fled south into the Sands of Hell establishing a place of free worship. This group became known as the Cinazan Sect. The largest concentration of Cinazan Sect worshipers is at Khimilêth.

In 1502, having acquired a large and strong worshipper, Kebechet becomes a Lesser Power. One of her new powers as a lesser god allow her to divulge secrets on the creation of undead hunting creatures called the Beasts of Ditherra. The spells to create or summon these creatures are only given to her high priests.

On 31 Witchrite 1600, she joined The Balance.

Kebechet is an enemy of necromancy for the purpose of creating undead. Thasmudyan, so called God of the Undead, is her greatest enemy.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
BrisingrPallid Bone
Zomaar Yelvaad
Known Powers
Ditherra Creations Grant a 10th lvl or higher worshipper the ability to summon Beasts of Ditherra. The caster can use these types of creatures in lieu of others for determining what is brought forth with summoning spells
Divine Toughness+4,000 hit points as Lesser Power
Modulating Energy+20 modulating energy damage for all attacks
Holy Sites