History Ermikel Codices

In the First Epoch, the foremost collection of history began under Ermikel the Balance. It was the merging of the stories, legend and lore of scrolls and tomes of many languages and peoples, across mainly the world of Bal-Kriav. Collectively called the Ermikel Codices, they are an account of what has transpired over the last 10,000 years.

Ermikel Codices - Condensed Version 46.6

Lost Ages??????
Dawn Era1 DE8777 DE8,777 years
God Era8778 GE9500 GE722 years
Lith-Crillion Era1 LE2890 LE2,890 years
Horgon Era1 HE1895 HE1,895 years
First Epoch19991,000 years
Second Epoch10001499500 years
Third Epoch15002000500 years