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Typehistory of the realm

These pages are the chronological history of the realm's most important events. The foremost collection of history was written by Ermikel the Balance and his successors. For the most part, his records are considered to be accurate and unbiased, and from a Bal-Kriav perspective. Nuciregmas, located in Paradomea City, has the largest collection of historical evidence and documents.

The period of time after the God Era, up to the Third Epoch is often called the Age of Mortal Civilizations. This comes from the angelic victory in the Demon Spawn War. After this conflict, the gods and their angelic armies left for systems far from those of the mortals. These mortals, some guided and some misguided, went on the build civilizations and add to the growing divine power of the gods.

Chronological Timeline

Dawn Era0 DE8777 DE8,777 years
God Era8778 GE9500 GE722 years
Lith-Crillion Era0 LE3000 LE3,000 years
Horgon Era0 HE2000 HE2,000 years
First Epoch09991,000 years
Second Epoch10001499500 years
Third Epoch15002000500 years
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