Zenith of Darkness
LocationDeaths Kindle, Bal-Kriav

Deaths Kindle produces two necromantic events during its passing of Bal-Kriav. The less frequent and more dastardly of these two cycles is the Zenith of Darkness. This dire time happens every 592 years.

The 592 year cycle of the Zenith of Darkness is not an astronomical phenomena, but the number of years that Maen Grirngrim lived. When this primordial master of necromancy was dispatched by the Golden Seven, so began the cycles of the Zenith of Darkness.

- Tîran Hattar, of Nil Koraaviik, excerpt from his study on "Planetary Cycles"

During the Zenith of Darkness, the night skies are pitch black, and the days are gloomy, with a sickly green or light purple haze blanketing the land. For thirty days, undead run rampant, and in addition to all the effects of the Shade of Darkness, necromantic spells function at five levels greater than normal, and undead having a turning resistance of +8.

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