SurfaceTier 1 Underdark
Tier 2 Underdark

Brucumus is a large continent of Bal-Kriav. It has thirteen surface regions and an equal number of Underdark regions. The regions of Brucrumus vary in size, and do not denote geographical borders or territorial bounds of some empire. In the Demon Spawn War these regions were military sectors on Asmodeus's campaign map. This strategy map divided the world Bal-Kriav into regions.

Brucumus is diverse with deserts, verdant forests, areas of unusual weather, a climate ranging from sub-tropical to arctic, and two great freshwater oceans. The Core Sea is in the north and Galathien is in the southeast. This continent is the home of many empires, ruins of fallen empires, and marvels in nearly every region.

The continent is littered with ancient ruins of the Lith-Crillion, Horgon, Titan Empires, Arkhosia, and Bael-Turath.

In the First Epoch, the continent saw an influx of peoples from the Great Exodus. The Tragarans settled along the southern coasts of the continent, while the Khazarkars moved to the northeastern coasts of the Cinazan region.

Regions of Brucrumus
Surface Tier 1 Underdark Tier 2 Underdark
Aerie of DragonsAdunamar
Great ExpanseUddring
Hells WombDrarthiel
High Wood CountryMenortamonHalagral
Ice CapBadmaer
Lands of PurityOnvornMelgrinn
Northern HordelandsPhangul
Tribe SteppesErthadan
Troll BogsSlilp-Urp