OwnerOrchish Empire
DeityGruumsh, Thasmudyan
Founded21 Brightstar 863 HE

When the Spire of Krak-Oth came to Bal-Kriav, it set down in Mirtheon. In this spire was then then mortal Krak-Oth, hundreds of Durkoth and thousands of Theegan slaves. They remained in the area of Droonesh for a century, building Argruxiel and quickly gaining mastery of the land around them.

After establishing a new civilization on Bal-Kriav, Krak-Oth quickly rose to power and spread his yoke upon the inhabitants of northern Grashakh stretching southeast into the Tribe Steppes. When he founded Araj, Argruxiel became its capital. When the capital was moved to Zînin-Gulc, the old capital was governed by Krak-Oth's lieutenant Orthraak. This underling controlled the lands around Argruxiel while his master ruled from Zînin-Gulc. When Krak-Oth went to the Tribe Steppes, he took the Theegans with him. Orthraak was left with the natives of Argruxiel's area of influence. This population was mostly composed of goblins and trolls with a storied past.

When the the Durkoth left for the deeps in the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), Argruxiel's people were left to take care of themselves. Their mutating masters went into the Underdark and under the waves of Chtorgo. When Argruxiel lost communications with Araj, they were leaderless. It has been said that having been servants to superior beings for so long, they were not up to the task of keeping government. The city fell to chaos as petty warlords sought to take control. Argruxiel was depopulated year by year, falling into ruin with the trolls returning to their old habitat in Droonesh and the goblins leaving for the deep woods of Hangath and Bowkrak.

In the Second Epoch, the Orchish Empire pushed into this area and built a fortress atop the old ruins. This place has since grown into a dark city with a strong presence of necromantic practitioners; becoming a Necrohold.

Argruxiel is sited in the hills overlooking the great swamp Droonesh. The city sewers empty into this troll-infested wetland. The sewers are home to many undead which just by their presence serve as guards for the area.

The city has moss green walls and towers. This deep green stone is unique to this area, only found in the Bowkrak hills. Ushnaga, a cell of Ilfengrim is located in the city. Perhaps the most notable place of Argruxiel is Úrwath. This school is dedicated to the advancement of necromancy.

The Northern Military District supports the undead practices of the city. The Orchish Empire employs many undead contingents created by the necromancers of this dark city. Many of the undead run amok in the city and wander aimlessly through Droonesh. As a result, the city can be hazardous to the visitor as well as those that study here. Ju-ju archers and giant skeletons man the walls of Argruxiel. Frequent patrols of undead cavalry consisting of skeletal steeds mounted by spectres make forays into Droonesh, capturing anything living for use in the foul experiments of Ushnaga and other groups with similar aims.

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