Argruxiel - Mirtheon
OwnerOrchish Empire
DeityGruumsh, Thasmudyan
Founded21 Brightstar 863 HE

In 862 HE, a primordial ark landed on the Amoral Plateau. The occupants of what came to be known as the Spire of Krak-Oth, left the plateau's poor terrain for the hills of Bowkrak. On 21 Brightstar 863 HE, they founded the settlement of Argruxiel. Overlooking the Droonesh Marsh on all sides, it would become Krak-Oth's most important eastern hold, and first capital of the Ak'mrîtun Empire (872 HE - 49).

The first peoples of Argruxiel were several hundred Durkoth and roughly 6,000 Theegan slaves. From Argruxiel, Krak-Oth spread his yoke upon the inhabitants of Mirtheon and southwest into Sava'loth.

In 1001 HE, the capital was moved to Binê Sadôr. The old capital was left in the hands of a long groomed governor named Orthraak. This underling controlled the lands around Argruxiel while his master ruled from Binê Sadôr. Unhealthy conditions of the area, and taking the brightest, the Theegans went east with Krak-Oth to his new capital. Orthraak was left with the natives of Argruxiel's area of influence, goblins, trolls and other elements that had long disgusted Ak'mrîtun's emperor.

When the the Durkoth left for the deeps in the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), Argruxiel's people were left to take care of themselves. Their mutating masters, drawn to the subterrrean waters of Chtorgo left them leaderless. Servants to superior beings for so long, they were not up to the task of governing. Petty warlords, corruption and lawlessness depopulated the city. Its trolls returned to their old habitat in Droonesh and its goblins the deep woods of Hangath and Bowkrak.

In 1201, forward elements of the Orchish Empire began the rebuilding of the city-sized ruin with its alien architecture. Under it new master, the Ageless Emperor, the old architecture was maintained and expanded to all new construction.

With the establishment of Úrwath in 1425, Argruxiel became a den of evil where necromancers and death priests train with, and build undead legions for the Fograth. Three centuries of heavily practicing necromancy, made Argruxiel a Necrohold.

Argruxiel is sited in the hills overlooking the great swamp Droonesh. Three city sewer gates serve as entry points for the wetland natives and traders.

The city has moss green walls and towers. This deep green stone is unique to this area, only found in the Bowkrak hills. Ushnaga, a cell of Ilfengrim is located in the city. Perhaps the most notable place of Argruxiel is Úrwath, the school dedicated to the advancement of necromancy. The Orchish Empire employs many undead creations of this dark city. Sometimes undead run amok in the city, making for dangerous travel. There are also dozens wandering the marshes near the city. Ju-ju archers and giant skeletons man the walls of Argruxiel. Periodically, undead cavalry make forays into Droonesh, capturing anything living for use in the foul experiments of Ushnaga and other practitioners of necromancy.

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