LocationBelt of Geb
Built9 Temporal 1474

Citho-Cûr is a massive port sited in the Void. It is built on an asteroid called the Rock of Jergundar. Citho-Cûr serves as a void port for the Giff League, Deep Six, and other friendly nations. It is jointly owned by private companies acting on behalf of Deep Six and the Giff League.

Citho-Cûr sits at the confluence of several trade routes. From this port, traders of the outer planets make their way through the Belt of Geb and to the world Bal-Kriav and other places.

In 1798, the fortress was overrun by alien lifeforms. In the Year 1800, the company Crimson Eye cleared out the alien infestation, making off with several voidships, cannons and other booty.

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