Ag Envok Burning Ascent

dragon-blood soldiers of Ag Envok
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasBurning Ascent
CapitalResalth Lingraav
Hill Giant1%
Stone Giant1%
DeitiesAres, Graz'zt, Thasmudyan, Tiamat
RulerDragon Lord Vorkulbit
EnemiesLahvirn Piiv
FounderDragon Lord Menkentat
Established16 Temporal 875
MapHiznaar Goz

Ag Envok is a dragon-blood empire of sector Hiznaar Goz of the Aerie of Dragons. This empire claims territory west of Sosin Luv and north into Gorahrigir. Much of Ag Envok's territory once served as the heart of the dragonborn empire Arkhosia. When Arkhosia fell, her people splintered along family lines, city allegiances, or service to some powerful lord. Arkhosia's holdings became petty states which over several hundred years were consolidated under one called Ag Envok.

Ag Envok was established in the Year 875. Over the empire's history it has had many Dragon Lords of varying races; it is said that to be a leader of Ag Envok one only needs charisma, leadership qualities, and might.

When the Black Tide War ended, remnants of the shattered Black Tide of Thasmudyan generally went either north into Grashakh, or east into the Aerie of Dragons. Most of those that came to this region ended up the military of Ag Envok. After many generations, the Tragarans have multiplied and now hold considerable influence in the affairs of this empire. Thus Ag Envok is a melting pot of giants, goblin-kind, dragon-bloods, Tragarans, hobgoblins, halflings, and many other races.

Much internal fighting occurs in this organization from rival groups, with much of the activity between followers of Tiamat and Thasmudyan. Ag Envok also has many hobgoblins, with linage traced back to enslaved parents from the city-state of Vrak-Tror.

The dragon-bloods serve as the backbone for the Ag Envok military. Supplementing these are platoons of stone and hill giants. In the War of Kesk Lein, Ag Envok and her allies attacked Lahvirn Piiv. The purpose of the war was to extend the territories of Ag Envok.