Ag Envok Burning Ascent

dragon-blood soldiers of Ag Envok
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasBurning Ascent
CapitalResalth Lingraav
Hill Giant1%
Stone Giant1%
DeitiesAres, Graz'zt, Thasmudyan, Tiamat
RulerDragon Lord Vorkulbit
EnemiesLahvirn Piiv
Established16 Temporal 875
MapHiznaar Goz

Ag Envok is a dragon-blood empire of sector Hiznaar Goz of the Aerie of Dragons. This empire claims territory west of Sosin Luv and north into Gorahrigir. Much of Ag Envok's territory once served as the heart of the Kriistvrii empire Zeymah'kein (600 HE - 1600 HE). When Zeymah'kein fell, her people splintered along family lines, city allegiances, or service to some powerful lord. Zeymah'kein's holdings became petty states which persisted for over a thousand years. In the First Epoch, wars were fought to bring the rabble together as one empire.

On 16 Temporal 875, Menkentat became Ag Envok's first Dragon Lord. Over the centuries that followed, many dragon lords of varying races have come to power. In Ag Envok, the only thing that matters is that you have charisma, leadership qualities, and the might to take the Everburn Sash from its current owner. Of ceremonial use in the Zeymah'kein Empire, this sash is today a symbol of authority imbued with great magic, making the owner the master of Ag Envok and a good part of the lands of Hiznaar Goz.

When the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504) ended, the living remnants of the shattered Black Tide scattered. Some went north into Grashakh, some east into the Aerie of Dragons, and others to the isles of Necrocrypt. Those that went east were pressed into Ag Envok's military. These were mostly ex-Tragaran soldiers. After spending time in the military, and rehabilitating their minds, they would go on to multiply, and by merit and guile obtain high-level positions in the empire's government, think-tanks, and state-managed enterprises.

Many of Ag Envok's hobgoblins are those with bloodlines to slaves brought out of Vrak-Tror. In the Horgon Era, Zeymah'kein had them serve in remote outposts as terror units. They were too wild and villainous to bring near a civilization. When Zeymah'kein began to crumble, they scattered into the countryside. They became like tribes with no central authority. Menkentat's wars with these tribes brought the hobgoblins back under central authority - something they took to more easily than the rest.

The dragon-bloods serve as the backbone for the Ag Envok military. Supplementing these are platoons of stone and hill giants. In the War of Kesk Lein, Ag Envok and her allies attacked Lahvirn Piiv. The purpose of the war was to extend the territories of Ag Envok.

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