High Down War

Period1285 - 1304
TheaterHigh Wood Country, Menortamon
Eldalweril VS Angrod

The High Down War was a conflict between the Angrod, home to the eastern half of the High Wood Country and those beneath, the dark elves of Eldalweril Matriarchy. The crater of Eáránë Aldaríon served as the heart of the fighting. For centuries it was the path of raiding, slaving and bloodshed.

The High Down War was the last of great wars fought between Angrod and Eldalweril. This time around, it was the Angrods who were to take things to the extreme. In 1284, the Angrods found a long hidden structure called the Pyramid of Nature. The explorers found plant and insect controlling magic inside this ancient Lith-Crillion research center. In the battles that followed, the Angrods blanketed the battlefields with insect swarms, and then sent in massive battlebriars, treants, poisonous and carnivorous plants.

In the Year 1300, Angrod began the advance into Eáránë Aldaríon, down into the Eldalweril homeland. The head of this advance was a creeping mass of sentient thorny and constricting vines, what would become known as the Tendrils of Taurquion. The Angrods spared no drow in their advance. Those that died were soon filled with spores and unusual growths causing them to animate and move forward against their former kindred.


In 1304, Angrod defeated Eldalweril. The High Down War affected the morality of many Angrods. They wiped out entire drow allied villages on the surface and beneath. The greatest hold to fall and be depopulated by Androd's armies was Hyassalmo. This place is now a ruin infested with sentient plants, gas spores, deadly molds, and a host of other dangerous plants left over from the High Down War.

You had to live during that period to understand that we were on the brink of extinction so extreme measures had to be taken just to survive.

- Glindil Belwen, Angrod apologist - "Morality Undone"