Founded14 Artifice 1579 HE

Duluk-Zirag was founded in 1579 HE by Arazindam traders. They built it on the southern shores Cthorgo near the Great Tradeway.

On 9 Bloom 77, the city-states of Tharuzbaluk, Hagurthand, Arazindam, and Duluk-Zirag were merged as one under the Irdtrax Empire.

In the Tradeway Wars, Duluk-Zirag fell to the Chari'they Alliance. The city's refugees fled south to Hagurthand and continued to fight the drow occupiers for the remainder of the war. Duluk-Zirag has never been reoccupied other than by brigands, beasts, and monsters. The attempts that Irdtrax did make to reclaim the area were met with resistance by the Orchish Empire. Having participated in the Tradeway Wars with the defeat of Belephant-Elebros and seeing the fall of Duluk-Zirag, the High Command were happy with the current power balance and put forces in play to counter moves. They did not want the Belephant-Elebros or Duluk-Zirag reoccupied seeing that as an obstacle for spreading their interests in the region. They also had strong trade relations with Arazindam. This city-state north of Duluk-Zirag also did not want the ruin reclaimed, for they had interests in becoming independent of Irdtrax. Because of these factors Duluk-Zirag was not rebuilt.

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