Hleittil - Aettein
RegionIce Cap

In the Lith-Crillion Era, this valley became the home of stone giants descended from the armies of Geb and Hettar. Veterans of the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), they they named the area Hleittil after a giantess of thirty sons and daughters. These scion of Hleittil Gadstill and their descendants went on to become notable figures, high priests, bankers, master stonemasons of such skill that even Geb took note, heroes, scholars, kings and queens, and less reputable types that put a bit of fear and mystery in the Gadstill name.

Under the Gadstill Dynasty (275 HE - 1533 HE), the valley was the cradle of civilization for a sprawling stone giant empire. The valley was the empire's breadbasket, dotted with farms, and the hills and peaks a maze of goat trails. Wealthy and long-lived, the Gadstill Dynasty left behind hundreds of towers, mountain retreats, and bastions. With the fall of the Gadstills, the valley turned lawless with petty warlords turning a millennia of work to ruin.

On 25 Saunas 1296, agents of Mutation, on the shores of the valley's central lake, opened the Sink of Chaos. This in turn let in a unnatural storm trapped in the Weave, a Chaos Maelstrom, that flooded the land and its peoples with entropic energy. Warped and chaos infused, Hleittil became a deformed landscape with misshapen mountains and strange happenings that defy the natural order of the world around.

Natives of Hleittil include chaos aberrations, the Mamorian, and other entropic types.

Hleittil is a Focus for Entropic Energy.

Focus Effect

Smite Lawany chaotic aligned creature that battles a lawful aligned creature in this area can Smite Law 1/turn