Raefknar Spans
RegionHells Womb, Drarthiel

Raefknar is a great rift in the southeastern corner of Agulbandal. This seven mile deep canyon is often cloaked in smoke which comes either from surface eruptions in Agulbandal or from exhaust vents along the rift's depths. These vents are chimneys that have been built over the ages by various groups of Mîmêk and Svirfneblin. Historically, these two peoples have been the ones to exploit Raefknar's mineral resources. They built the vents to draw gases and smoke bleeding off the lava lakes Hroi and Geintar and the lava river Annbild Hrolmir.

Without Raefknar's exhaust vents, some mines are workable, and areas are unlivable except if your one of Thasmudyan's Children.

- Mazan Ibuzûr, excerpt from a Mîmêk's merchant letter - Raefknar Prospect 91K-T Proposal

On the surface, Raefknar is five miles at its widest and at the very bottom it is one mile across. Raefknar's bottom, designated a cavern floor at that depth, is a rugged area carpeted with bones, debris, and mining waste. It is dotted with geysers, boiling lakes, and poisonous streams. Sometimes, lava cascades into the area. This comes about when both of the Daughters of Surtur are erupting which inevitably leads to the overflowing of the Jorgeir lava lake.

Among the numerous dead and active mines that honeycomb the rift's walls are passages leading to the Underdark. A few of these lead to the ancient city Bolip-Stalacite and the younger one Yastorogg.

The openness of the rift and its many points of egress from the Underdark result in some creatures leaving Drarthiel and moving on to other areas of the realm. One of more terrible creatures that sometimes leave Drarthiel and make for a new abode are abyssal drakes. These creatures are horrific beasts that were originally created during the Demon Spawn War. They mostly dwell in the lower depths of Drarthiel, and are often all too happy to get out of those areas and move to other areas where game is more plentiful.

As a result of the Raefknar War, this rift came under control of Yastorogg.