Tusken Council

StateIvory Asylum

The empire Ivory Asylum is a governed by a confederacy. Decisions are made by vote of the senior officials for a given department. In times of war, the Council of War becomes the major decision-making body. In times of peace, the Tusk Executive acts as the figurehead for the people.

Some of the more interesting branches of Ivory Asylum government are noted below.

Council of War

This is the war department of the Ivory Asylum. It is comprised of the senior ranking admirals from each elderaunt tribe.

Nibar Mâru

This is the colonial department of the government. Viewed by many as a colonial power, Ivory Asylum strives in protecting the weak, instilling civilization and prosperity in the less fortunate, and at the same time generating a profit from the resulting commerce; some would call this exploitation.

Swarvan Department

The Swarvan Department is charged with clandestine operations, intelligence-gathering, and internal policing of Ivory Asylum.

Tusk Executive

The Tusk Executive is the leader of Ivory Asylum during times of peace. His term is two years. The Tusk Executive is elected based on a round robin of the tribes, in alphabetical order. He is more a figurehead than decision maker.

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