Ownerindependent city-state
Founded21 Brightstar 1335

Chime is a small town on the southern coasts of Torvild Isle. It was founded by those driven to perfecting their music. In the Dark Revolt, Chime's people became undead. All of them considered this a blessing, giving them an eternity to produce and perfect music.

Like the other towns on Torvild, Chime is led by an eccentric lich. This lich goes by the name of Melody. She heads a group of intelligent undead called the Wailing Speakers. The group spends most of their time composing music and song. Their powers go beyond music, with the uncanny ability to focus sounds into destructive energy.

The buildings of Chime are built in such a way to enhance the effects of sound. This construction effort, like any done on the island, was done by the people of Screw.