Anarukthalan, of another era
Founded17 Bliss 1415 HE

Anarukthalan was founded by Isharg colonists of the kingdom of Gimhak. The city's main source of wealth came from Maar'tolaak timber and mining the Abazuddans and the low peaks northeast of Anarukthalan.

In the Second Epoch, Anarukthalan and other Gimhak holds were under threat and attack by the Orchish Empire. Anarukthalan also battled small powers like the lizardfolk of Sareon and their leader, a primordial naga named Rilthang. Another menace was the green dragon Mathongrarg (546 - 1201) and her hobgoblin horde.

In 1255, the Orchish Empire put Anarukthalan under siege, attacking it from the surface and from the subterranean reaches beneath. The ghosts of this brutal siege still haunt these ruins, undead manning posts, working the anvils, and carrying the same tasks before the city's fall.

Anarukthalan has long been a source of interest for Maar'tolaak's green dragons. When it was populated, they came to see if the legends were true, that it held great vaults bursting with Covenant Coinage. After the Orchish Empire sacked the place, they tried to dispel this legend, claiming they found no such gold vaults - "the twelve vaults, each holding a dozen chests, 100,000 pieces each."

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