Founded17 Bliss 502

The ruined citadel of Anarukthalan was built by the Isharg clan. They were colonists from Gimhak that went southeast to extend the influence of Gimhak. In Year 502, six months after leaving Gimhak, the colonists arrived in the southern part of Thithanorn and founded the settlement Anarukthalan.

During their heyday, the dwarves of this city-state mined the Abazuddans and the low peaks northeast of Anarukthalan. Their enemies were the Orchish Empire and bandits under various satraps of Thingrorn. One group was the lizardfolk of Sareon and their leader, a primordial naga named Rilthang. The other menace was Mathongrarg and her horde of hobgoblins.

In 1255, the Orchish Empire invaded the territories of this city-state, besieging it from the surface and from the Underdark. They gave little quarter. All those of or related to the Isharg clan were put to the sword.

Today, the ghosts of the clan that suffered genocide haunt the ruins. Undead dwarves are in large numbers, manning posts, working the anvils, and carrying the same tasks before the fall of the city. A powerful dwarven vampire guides the undead dwarves in the defense.

Anarukthalan has been attacked by Thithanorn's green dragons with many of them seeing if the legends are true about the amount of gold said to be in the place. The Orchish Empire claims they found no such gold vaults - "twelve vaults each holding a dozen chests of 100,000 pieces each".

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