GovernmentDemocracy (The Council of Races)
Ownerindependent city-state
Earth Archon20%
Earth Elemental15%
Founded11 Hollow 1035

Orryn is located beneath Outpost Prime. It was founded in 1035 by colonists out of Bolip-Stalacite.

During the Tradeway Wars, refugees came to the place and doubled the population to four thousand souls. In this town, rebel fighters of this war established the Sanguine Whispers.

When the Sanguine Whispers resided at Outpost Prime, the Council of Entrieda, ruling body of the Sanguine Whispers, appointed a governor to Orryn.

In 1483, units of Har'kish occupied Outpost Prime. No longer under the rule of the Sanguine Whispers, Orryn formed its own ruling government, the Council of Races.

Orryn produces colorful pottery, fine jewelry and vary styles of metal goods. It is a prosperous town with extensive mithril and red gold mines. Up until the Third Epoch, Orryn was the sole producer of red gold for Bal-Kriav. The town's trade with both surface and Underdark civilizations.

The Orryn Elevator descended through the roof of the Great Cavern. We were on our way down to the town of Orryn. A great pounding sound and the splash of water echoed from the depths. We turned around to view a thick column of water tumbling downward into what was called the Pool of Depths.

"The Pool of Depths is rumored to be bottomless", replied Teeth.

The hawk-nosed Tragaran then drained his flask of Anvil. He then spoke in a distant tone. "This place was originally founded by a bands of Mîmêk, derro, kobold, and Svirfneblin refugees that lived along the Great Tradeway. Some of these Underdark humanoids formed the core of what would become the Sanguine Whispers."

Teeth then spit from the platform and continued his story, "Some creatures have the nerve to jump off this platform. I think someone survived a jump from 150'. Like I was saying about the renegades. The group and their ancestors had been fleeing the assault of the drow for the past 200 years. Their cities along the Great Tradeway were falling like dominoes under the relentless attacks of the drow. It took a little over two centuries for the drow to reach the point parallel (he then pointed to the east) to the area where the town of Orryn now exists.

The mixed band of renegades practiced guerrilla warfare on the drow as the dark skinned elves slowly stretched their lines too thin to protect their flanks and rear. The renegades acquired uncanny abilities over this period. They had a kill ratio towards the end of the Tradeway Wars of 30:1, drow to Sanguine Whisper respectively. Their capacity for stealth, surprise, assassination, and discipline earned them respect and fear by the Chari'they Alliance.

The Sanguine Whispers have had many years to consolidate their forces, create elite academies, and delve into arcane magicks. They influence governments, perform "hits", spy or do any other job for a price. It doesn't matter who their employers are, so long as whoever it is, pays in full.

I then looked upon a rainbow of colors emitting from Orryn. The owners of the dwellings used all manner of fungi and colored glass creating a dazzling effect. An aqueduct ran from the Pool of Depths to several of the major buildings in the town. The pounding of metal could be heard from the forge yard of Ilaruk Gongril. Some cheers echoed from the Blood Pits Entertainment Complex.

The town had a population of only 1,500, but they were wealthy as princes. They worked the red gold and iron mines of an area called the Great Harvest Tunnel. In time, this town will surely grown to a most magnificent and prosperous city.

- Mogert, Squad X7E, "Memoirs of the Bull"

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