In 1330, the Shounejo exiled the Llydaros family. The Llydaros were a radical family seeking cultural advancements, freedom of expression and ideas, and other tenets which gave more power to the individual. Ideals and principles opposed by the current masters of Shounejo. To make an example of them, Shounejo exiled them to Torvild.

On Torvild, the Llydaros family found an island rich in resources. They soon lived in wealth and splendor. They shipped fine jewelry, art, and scrolls of beautiful poetry to the lands of Karterus and Brucrumus. Cultural scholars speculate that the cultural influences of the Llydaros are what led to a period of cultural enlightenment in the middle of the First Epoch.

During this period of cultural advancement across the continents, the people of Torvild began to seek ways to prolong the lives of their finest thinkers, philosophers, and artisans.

In time, they found a solution, turn them into intelligent undead. These undead were closely watched for any urgings of evil or degeneration of their minds.

As one would expect, time was with the undead, the more crafty and cunning gathered their strength, some planned intricate plots over years and even decades. Many of these plots failed, and the undead were imprisoned. Llydaros psionicists would then transfer the skills and knowledge of these undead to other living creatures, automations, or sentient objects.

In 1444, The Dark Revolt swept across Torvild. This revolt occurred when four psionicists were damned. During an Enlightening Transfer, the undead patient turned on their surgeon and took control of it's mind. It is thought that these patients were powerful psionicists masking their abilities with psionic concealment and other powers. They had greatly enhanced powers and defenses thanks to other psionic undead in the vicinity using convergence or similar meta-psionics.

Over the next five years, the undead took control of Torvild. The war-torn island became a haven for undead. The stronger asserted their control over the lesser beings, and waged war with their competitors.