Paradomea Consortium

Businesstrade syndicate (Paradomea)
HeadquartersParadomea City
Symbolstack of crystal pieces
Established17 Hollow 1292

The Paradomea Consortium is an agency representing the largest merchant companies of Paradomea. They set the range of prices, handle supply matters, and have jurisdiction over trade. They may seem like a monopoly, but Paradomea's competitive prices prove otherwise. Foreign companies are typically the ones that feel the pain of the Paradomea Consortium. These companies often cannot compete against the scale of business in Paradomea.


In the waning years (1255 - 1266) of the Kal-Oni Empire, nine merchant houses controlled much of the trade in the then fishing port called Paradomea.

The leaders became known as the Merchant League, and in later years would become the Council of Nine. After consolidating their power, this Council of Nine established the Paradomea Consortium. As the city grew, and the population base expanded, the members of the Paradomea Consortium increased in numbers and power. In time, they became the third tier of power in Paradomea, sometimes challenging the oversight of the Council of Nine.