OwnerIvory Asylum (Ethâr)
Founded15 Lunar 1219

Lamprophyre was built in the Underdark region Bulâd-Gûla. It was built over a hundred miles from the nearest Rilirthad holding. The high probability of being cut-off in any sort of conflict was a necessary risk, for in the Lamp'ald cavern complex, there were several recurring Web Ruptures. Lamprophyre was built to study these anomalies. The cumulation of their work was the Gypsum Rift. This resulted in a growing geyser of sand blasting upwards to the surface. The ever-expanding diameter of this rift enveloped the citadel's polychrome marble streets and sandstone buildings, pushing it all to the surface. Such was the construction of the place, built by earth elementals to weather even the most violent of earthquakes, that Lamprophyre remained intact as it settled on the surface. For centuries after, the gypsum sand pouring out of this rift flowed through the city like a river, then over the cliffs and into the Pearl Sea; giving rise to the Gypsum Dunes.

Lamprophyre was captured in the Ivory Dao War. Two years after the war ended, Ivory Asylum recognized it as the Ethâr state capital.

Much of the architecture of the dao builders can still be seen in the city. The largest dao structure, the Victory Base, is a 1400' diameter and 100' high cylinder base. The granite of the Victory Base is inlaid with sandstone carving of dao and earth elementals which seem to hold the structure aloft. Atop this dao-made base is the Palace of Peg. The elderaunts built this palace in the usual custom - towers and buildings with steep slopes like the sails of a ship, bridges and walkways made to look like riggings, and windows shaped like the portholes of a ship-of-the-line, bristling with cannons.

More than half of the city's population is comprised of dwarven descendants of Agibandal.

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  • Palace of Peg
  • Victory Base
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