Asvard Fjoll

CategoryCrack Units
HeadquartersOrias Vual
Fire Giant100%
Alignmentlawful evil
Symbolflaming flamberge
Established12 Lunar 85

The Asvard Fjoll began as a security force of Megrolof. By the Second Epoch it had become a fanatically religious sect dedicated to Surtur. Those with superior aptitude advance to senior positions becoming black flame zealots or pyrokineticist.

The ideals that came to turn Asvard Fjoll into crusaders for Surtur came from interactions with people around Thrammaer. This happened several years after the fall of Megrolof in the Allof Stond War. The fire giants they met were descendants of a special unit of soldiers that served Surtur in the Creation War. This unit of zealots was the Gjalrod-Fral, tasked as inquisitors and charged with keeping tabs on the military and any civilian areas that fell to Surtur's armies.

The Asvard Fjoll led the forces that overthrew Goth-Dyvermoir in 1456. Today, this group protects the theocracy government of Goth-Dyvermoir, though only as long as they follow the whims of Surtur.