RegionHigh Wood Country
HeadquartersPyramid of Nature
Wood Elf95%
Alignmentchaotic neutral, chaotic
PurposeSpreading the Taurquion
EnemiesGebs Chosen
Established17 Brightstar 1287

The Cheldremn are cultists with the goal of expanding Taurquion and reviving worship of Silvanus. They increase the growth of woodlands by way of nature augmentation magic contained in the Pyramid of Nature. Cheldremn membership is restricted to pure-blood wood elves. Some high ranking government officials of Angrod are members of this cult.

Most of the Nature Protectorates oppose the practices of this guild because the cultists of Cheldremn use nature augmentation magic to spread nature in an unnatural way. The Cheldremn are responsible for the spread of the Tendrils. They have sent expeditions to other Pyramids of Power and to Sarzan'nâth in hopes of finding other ways of unfettering nature. They believe in the Principle of Unfettered Nature and are willing to take it to the extreme with nature augmentation magic.

On a few occassions, the Cheldremn have shared the secrets of the Pyramid of Nature with others, like providing the ability to control insect swarms to the Orophin Meneldur.

Notable Personages
Aehin-MorMirundân Effect
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