Phâte Ubrî

TypeCultural Affairs (Khazarkar Empire)
AliasesDepartment of Retooling, Section 7

Officially called Phâte Ubrî, or Section 7, this agency is one of the oldest government branches of the Khazarkar people. Its goal is to maintain Khazarkar culture.

In the Domination Wars (995 - 1016), the First Khazarkar Empire was under the leadership of a magocracy. It is generally believed that the Phâte Ubrî were behind the wars, instigators, with the Eldritch Conclave the executors of their plan. In this conflict, as they have always done, the Phâte Ubrî stayed low-key, spreading Khazarkar ideals, their supremacy as a people, evangelists for Khazarkar purity. Normally this is contained by cooler heads, but with power-hungry mages in charge, tasting the power of the Web, they took a xenophobic approach to the wars that led to the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), and saw such reckless use of magic that it tore holes in the Web of Magic, resulting in wide-scale destruction of the Gulimbor landscape and its peoples.

The other name for this agency is the Department of Retooling. This is what most non-Khazarkars see it as, retooling captured peoples to suit their new masters, and aggressively pushing Khazarkar culture. The Minotaur Cultural Edict (420 - 796) and the Khazarkar Purity Edict are two of the agency's more well-known policies.