CategoryHigher Powers
RaceWood Elf (Transcended)
Symboloak tree
DomainAnimal, Plant
Born6 Brightstar 986
Godhood14 Bloom 1685

Aredhel, more formerly Aredhel Elensar, was once the supreme druid for all of Brucrumus. An Angrod, she is the founder of the Gwatherfin and once served as the Nature Protectorate for the High Wood Country. Her primary place of stay was the Maenor Forest. In 1115, Aredhel and her druidic followers built Nelrenael.

In 1513, she, the Arch-Mages of Merioss and Arcana, pooled their magic, closing the Abyssal Funnel.

Aredhel died in the Third Gwaellurth War (1670 - 1685). The Balance needed a replacement for Silvanus; who was on one of his nature-loving kicks, shirking his duties. On 14 Bloom 1685, Aredhel went to the Temple of Ascension, where by the will of The Balance, she became a Higher Power. This event created a miracle in the Gwaellurth Forest. Lands once scarred by logging, experience a divine regrowth. The Balance's membership changed, with Aredhel replacing Silvanus. Back in the mortal realm, Eclipse took Aredhel's old role as High Wood Country Nature Protectorate. As a mortal, and even more so as a god, she is devoted to the ideals of The Balance.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
AmbaratelElrond Melwasúl
Falin-TandraOrophin Meneldur
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+1,000 hit points as Demi Power
Modulating Energy+10 modulating energy damage for all attacks