RegionHigh Wood Country
OwnerWitch Horde
Founded24 Lunar 1119

Heresselin was founded in 1119 by the Angrods. A decade later the place was sacked by the armies of the Witch Horde. It remained in their hands for 12 years, then returning to its former owners after a bitter two years siege. It has been sacked more times than any other hold of Brucrumus. The theegans of the Witch Horde and the wood elves of Angrod are constantly fighting over the place and all along the borders where the forest meets the tall grassy plains of Arnandab.

The city has a mixed architecture of Theegan and elven make. Whenever one party takes the place, they don't waste the time demolishing what the previous groups have built since to most who come here they figure it is only a matter of time till the place changes hands.

Civilization Tree
Witch Horde