LocationSea of Mourning
Ownerindependent city-state
Merrow 15%
Founded16 Temporal 1141 HE

T'kyr is an ancient undersea city in the deeps of the Sea of Mourning. During the Horgon Era, T'kyr was a tributary holding of Limac-Nîr. Many denizens of the city still worship Neld-Rac, a worship forced upon them by the Durkoth so long ago.

T'kyr is an undersea city sited in a great undersea canyon called Tildon Deep. The city is mostly populated by sahuagin and merrow. The latter are the city's lower class, filling the role of cannon-fodder in wars and laborers in times of peace. The strongest arm of the city's military are mounted soldiers - with trained sharks and giant squid being the most common mounts.

In 1448, raiders out of T'kyr destroyed the pirate haven of Smickers Lot (c.f. Smickers Lost).

The merfolk empire Tuc'hoom is the only organization that keep the marauders of T'kyr from overrunning the Harpoon Sisters and other smaller islands west of Tildon Deep.