RegionLands of Purity
Class29th Wizard (Elementalist)
RaceHalf-Tragaran Wood Elf
Alignmentlawful neutral
BirthplaceBullvar Ika
Born25 Bloom 1143

Nevicanad, Elvish for "near the four", was given for a birthmark that looked like the symbol of the four elements, fire, water, earth and air. He is son of Oakenbeard, then home to the Lands of Purity, and a wood elf named Alassë Amandil from the other side of the world.

His father, today the Nature Protectorate of the region Hells Womb, long hid the fact that he had a mixed race child. This was purely political, with a certain number of purists out there that would surely have used it against him. This was not lost on his son, and in a large degree the reason that he went on to be one of greatest arch-mages of the realm.

His mother, from the distant lands of Ancalimë Kingdom owned a silk farm. She raised him, sending him to study the arcane in Varnavei where he was tutored by a sprite elementalist named At'na. This tutor, in the second five year term of three, was a follower of Melora. At'na, working in Melora's interests, would shape Nevicanad's thinking about the elements and the importance of keeping the balance.

Some day you will go the lands of your father, there you will see that fire, the domain of Surtur, is too strong. The lands and its people suffer from this.

- At'na, from Nevicanad's journals - "Elemental Balance"

Getting back to Oakenbeard, his visits were limited by distance. He could only visit his son by way of the Oaken Gate, and for security reasons, this rift linking areas on the opposite sides of the world Bal-Kriav, was generally not open to anyone who wanted to use it; even today, use of the Oaken Gate requires at least two years to get approvals, and that assumes you have someone that will sponsor you.

In the Year 1345, while exploring the northeastern reaches of the Lands of Purity, Nevicanad found an ancient edifice called the Magis Institute. For many decades thereafter he trained aspiring wizards, and then established a school for arcane studies. During all of this he would go long vacations. These became longer and longer with each decade. Eventually he was considered no more than a tenant, with some students never seeing him in their months and years of study.

When not in the great libraries and enchanting rooms of the Magis Institute, he spent a lot of time in Thunder Halls. In this floating elemental mote, he created great magic items; and for a time had the knowledge of four Elemental Princes at his disposal.

He disappeared in 1796. Many believe him to have taken up residence on one of the Elemental Ring Worlds. He had excellent experience of these worlds, having conjured dozens, some says hundreds of elementals, and harnessed the energies of these worlds to create marvels like the Apex Maze and Rath Jot.