Cerberus Pup
RegionHells Womb
Built14 Bloom 1110

Targind-Nal is an ancient ruined fortress built by Strumpktar's war planners. It protected the south and west approaches towards the Gathol Hills. For hundreds of miles north and south, along with the elven city of CelebriƤn, it was the only area with ferries for crossing the mighty river Foronir.

In the Second Sorrow Pass War (1475 - 1477), Targind-Nal fell to the undead legions of the Black Tide. Rebuilt, the fortress guarded a road called the Black Athroond. After the defeat of the Black Tide in the Artery War (1546 - 1554), Targind-Nal became a ruin.

Targind-Nal is a haunted place, with ghosts, banshee, and other terrors roaming the grounds and the labyrinths beneath the place. Even in the hottest months of Bal-Kriav, a cold chill pervades the place. Moans of anguish echo from the rubble and fissures belch toxic fumes into the central courtyard of Targind-Nal. The entrance to Black Athroond is guarded by a fiendish hound with three heads. A few attempts have been made to put down this Cerberus Pup and reopen the road, but all have ended in a grisly death by the hound or by the numerous banshee that dwell in Targind-Nal.

Notable Areas