Warforged - 3rd Gen
Creation9 Brightstar 1485

The warforged of Bal-Kriav are a product of the Gear Monument. The first generation of this construct race was created on 9 Brightstar 1485. Since the first warforged came to life from this device, they have went on to create more of their kind following the formulas used by the Gear Monument. They are a race of people still finding their place in this realm. They have small holdings spread across the Great Expanse. Some serve the mysterious Rilmani of the Central Stability or serve in mercenary companies across MidrĂȘth. The most renown mercenary groups of the warforged are GurĂ« legions.

The warforged are classified by generation, with each successive one seen as an advancement of the previous. In some societies, especially multi-cultural ones, this often turns into castes with more advanced ones holding higher stations. In lands of the Central Stability, this division of generations into castes is forbidden.

Warforged cannot die of old age, but can breakdown if not maintained. Those of little means, could be missing parts of their body or have not functioning parts making them seem like a poor elderly person.

Racial Traits
Racial as warforged + pick Generation
1st Generation +1 Constitution, +2 damage from natural body weaponry
2nd Generation +1 Dexterity, light spell 3/day
3rd Generation +1 Intelligence, light repairs - as cure light wounds 1/day