Tribe Steppes


This region started being called the Tribe Steppes in the First Epoch. Its a name for the area's central grassy plains with tree concentrations thick near the region's highlands and larger waterways. It is also named for the tribal people that dwell here, ever resistant to civilization. The Jara run rampant across the land, sometimes going on great raids under one or more Jara Khans.

The grassy steppe, ideal for hooves, was once bigger. It continues to lose thousands of acres each year as great unnatural forests close in. The Tendrils, a product of a the Pyramid of Nature pushes from the east, and the Maegorion Forest, a product of the Seed of Tarfilerquar, spread its dark nature from the south.

In the Titan Era, sector Morteban was controlled by the Gadstill Dynasty. This Titan Empire, led by the stone giants, was on the verge of pushing into Sava'loth before they made a split decision, courtesy of magical dabbling by Krak-Oth, instead focusing their territorial ambitions in the direction of Ice Cap.

The vestiges of other once great empires, dot the landscape. These ruins are of the Ak'mrîtun and the Ithendelt. There are also even more ancient ruins dating to the time when the gods battled the primordials and the Creation War, then reused them again in the next war against the demon invasions.

The Tribe Steppes is a strange land with many unusual features, like a gloomy and vast depression called the Shadow Rift, the "Titan Observation Towers" of Harongrand and Onvargard, and the aforementioned forests, ever closing in.


Beneath this region is the Underdark region Erthadan. This dark region is reachable by many places from above. This came about from the constant threat posed by the nomadic and warmongering jara.

Cities of the Steppes
City 5FoundedElevation
Natyaril9055 GE13,500'