Avalkhirân Monty's Retreat

AliasesMonty's Retreat
OwnerMonty the Mad

In 1033, giant explorers found a massive ruin buried under one of the glaciers ringing Bullvar Ika. Over the next decade, cloud giants and an army of slaves and workers set to exposing the ruin. When it was 90% cleared of ice, the ancient ruin broke free, carried aloft on the now freed earth mote it was built upon. It rose upwards for nearly a mile above the dig site. The cloud giants, aware of its power and history from tomes found in the ruin, flew up to this god-built fortress named Avalkhirân. Over the next three centuries, they used the floating fortress to raid the lands of Elrohir Mithrandír. Their success and the threat posed by this relic of the Dawn Era was such that by force they were able to form their own empire, Altocumuli, in 1321.

One of the Scrolls of Dawn says that Avalkhirân was built by the Nawirrûs Covenant as a counter the threat posed by the primordial bastion Traghorn; a place that also floats about.

In the 1470, Monty the Mad captured Avalkhirân. Monty assaulted the place with numerous evil dragons, Steirgar fire giants mounted on rocs, two groups of fell wyverns, and over 500 griffon mounted mercenaries. Today, Avalkhirân, or Monty's Retreat, serves as his personal residence and command platform as ruler of the Orchish Empire.

His personal troops, Monty's Marauders, use this place to wantonly carry out rape, pillage, and other atrocities against captured towns and castles.

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