Gholompotl resident, before the draining
of the Nermanis Sea
OwnerKhazarkar Empire
Founded26 Saunas 633 HE

Gholompotl is a kuo-toan city built during the Horgon Era. Over a period of five centuries, it became a modest sized city-state. Long ago, a river ran into the city and drained down through a series of canals and waterfalls.

The Gholompotleans were much hated and feared by the peoples around the Nermanis Sea. The kuo-toans enslaved peoples from the surface, from Maurkac and other nearby settlements, and also enslaved Underdark peoples. These slaves were used in fell experiments, sold to other evil Underdark groups, or were sacrifices to their dark god.

The greatest enemy of Gholompotl was the kuo-toan empire Âkhi. Âkhi sought to bring Gholompotl under its control. They never succeeded in doing so. The kuo-toans abandoned the city when the Nermanis Sea drained away. The rivers and waters dried up with the sea. The people of the city migrated east and captured Unvarith from the Âkhi.

In 1410, Khazarkars surveyors and archaeologists, began exploring the halfling ruin of Maurkac.

Phâte Sûlê, or Section 6, of the Pharzîmrâth helped with the western expansion of the Khazarkar Empire. These surveyors, diggers, archaeologists and battalions of guards would claim ruins and then make a "security buffer" around them. They would claim they were preserving historical treasures and cultures for the realm's greatest libraries. There was some truth to this, but it also involved theft of land from some native tribes of Cinazan.

- Rían, of Gilraen, excerpt from his book - "Khazarkar Trickery"

In the ruins of Maurkac, Phâte Sûlê recovered Nermanean tomes on Gholompotl. A year later the group, along with treasure seekers, began digging for the ruins. The settlement of Nirzanâth rose around this excavation. In 1426, the Khazarkar Empire claimed Gholompotl as their first Underdark holding. Over the centuries that followed, they added a good of security to the trade ways leading to places like Fermin and Mulun-Dûna

Today, Gholompotl is an Underdark town of the Khazarkar Empire. It is reached by way of tunnels and elevators from the city above. The majority of the city's population are Underdark races like drow, Mîmêk and deep gnomes. The Khazarkars of the city are here to administer the city for the Khazarkar Empire.

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