Built14 Kindle 1308

Voruth is a tower off the coasts of Cinazan. It is the tallest structure of the desert island Sjorunn. In the Second Epoch, the island was subjected to magical energy seeping off Ice Cap and through the island and snaking its way towards the coasts. This energy drained the island of life energy turning it into a desert. The Voruth Anharr Project resulted in the creation of two towers (Voruth and Anharr) to attract the invisible magical tendrils and divert them back to its source, the Cube of Arcane.

Voruth, like the island around it, is no place for the living. The life draining energy that comes through the area is not as strong as it once was, but enough to cause sickness and a slow death unless the creature has regenerative powers. As a result, the place is guarded by golems, magical creatures and a dozen or more war trolls. The war trolls serve the Khazarkar Empire, while the constructs and magical creatures are under the direction of Belras Foroderch. Both groups seek to keep the place in working order and intruders out.

The tower itself is a massive structure like all the towers making up the Foroderch Cordon. Voruth is 400' tall with a 800' square base. Most of the construction of Voruth and the other towers that make-up the Foroderch Cordon was done by the Jolmgar cyclops. Belras Foroderch wizards helped by adding magical properties for protection, reinforcing, and manipulating the flow of the Cube's tendrils.

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