Athenian Schism

LocationLands of Purity
Period19 War March 1506

Shortly after the Black Tide War ((1465 - 1504), a schism occurred in the Church of Athena. One group of Athena worshipers under the Gudyazas were of the crusader mentality, while the other group were traditionalists. The Gudyazas sought to convert infidels to Athena worship by the sword if necessary. The Traditionalists believed that people should have the freedom to choose who they worshiped without overt pressure.

Even though one sect of Athena was more militant, generally, both sects of Athena followed the dictums of Athena. In the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), the Holy Quinary was composed of forces from both sects. After the Athenian Crusade, Helmstar, and later Rumakarrûs, became the heart of evangelism under the Gudyazas. Malacost was formed with the ideals of the Traditionalists.

Today, the militaristic sects of Athena are based out of the Divine Empire.

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