Period1425 - 1436
TheaterKarnegmoth, Izagunbar
Rilirthad VS
Ivory Asylum
Giff League

This conflict began from Rilirthad's desire to annex Gul.

In 1427, the fighting around Skarn was particularly intense. This Rilirthad city was surrounded by a plain of mud. Special skiffs were built to assail it. Alluvium Peg, a brilliant elderaunt strategist, led the battles to take this city. Realizing that the massive fortifications could not taken by storm, he decided on a protracted siege. Skarn's defenders ate everything, animals, beasts, and then turning on their slaves. Rilirthad made several attempts to relief the defenders, but it was too no avail, the blockade was complete. While the city was besieged, Alluvium Peg led his army against the outposts and castles. After the city was weakened, the attack began with breach stormers. These were ten Sôldanguk units hired from the Braca-Hloth.

In 1429, the great dwarven city of the Gul valley, Agibandal, fell to the Earthen. Most of the city's refugees headed for the armies and holds of Ivory Asylum.


In 1436, Rilirthad sued for peace. Their two captured cities and their respective territories were relinquished to Ivory Asylum; soon to become the holds of the newly formed Ethâr state.

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