RegionAerie of Dragons
RaceRed Dragon (Great Wyrm, Legendary)
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born9 Lunar 1406 HE

One of the most powerful dragons of the Aerie of Dragons is a red dragon named Sebgult. His home is the fiery bowels of a volcano named after him, the volcano Sebgult.

In the Horgon Era, Sebgult lived in Irrangrad with a Piamauza hero named Khimrinâth. This hero saved Sebgult from death when he was attacked by a much older blue dragon named Kahangron. The blue dragon had pinned Sebgult to the ground and was preparing to deliver the coup de grâce. Khimrinâth charged into the melee on the back of a fire lizard. The fight that ensued had Sebgult and Khimrinâth battling Kahangron. When it was over the blue dragon was dead, but Khimrinâth and Sebgult had battle scars that would last forever, and formed an unusual bond that would also last till they breathed their last. The two would go on to fight many battles and become heroes of Mir'piamauza. Many years later during the conflict with the Zeymah'kein, Khimrinâth perished at the Battle of Suf Sungaar. When he died, Sebgult went into a rage that lasted weeks. During this time, the dragon attacked everything in site and alone wiped out an entire Zeymah'kein brigade.

In 822, Sebgult went on a rampage. He flew south to Gulimbor and set Woad aflame and then attacked Chal-Kazod. Ancient Khazarkar tomes at the Neetch Institute say that some Chal-Kazod knights reported seeing a ghostly knight on the back of Sebgult and that this ghostly figure saluted them as the dragon made its first pass over the city.

In 1172, Sebgult emerged from his mountain lair with streams of fire following in his wake. He flew to the lands of the Shounejo and laid waste to their city Utoto. The fiery devastation was so terrible that much of the city was reduced to ash and large swathes of the ground were turned to glass. Stories are still told today by the Shou of Sebgults rampage. These stories refer to Sebgult as the Samauri Dragon.