Cult Of Worms

minions of the Cult of Worms
Regionsee below
PurposeThasmudyan worship, undead creation
Established27 Witchrite 1039

The core teachings of necromancy and the dark arts for this cult were acquired from writings found in the Spire of Molakh-BĂșle. When Caliguworm entered this ancient relic of the Creation War, his soul was nearly ripped from his body. The vile arts he learned would finish what the spire failed to do.

In 1039, Caliguworm founded the Cult of Worms. In the beginning, the Cult of Worms focused on spreading the teaching of necromancy and conjuring otherworldly creatures. When Caliguworm was contacted by Thasmudyan and then enticed to become his follower, the cult became a means of spreading the faith of Thasmudyan.

In the 1250's, the Cult of Worms began raising a massive undead army called the Pitch Bone Legion. The purpose of this army was to force the Kal-Oni to rescind the Shadow Bull. This bull by the Kal-Oni High Church forbid the practice of necromancy. In 1255, the cult lost control of the Pitch Bone resulting in the ravaging of Kal-Oni towns and villages. In 1266, the destruction and terror wrought by this undead horde, coupled with a civil war resulted in the downfall of the Kal-Oni empire.

The Cult of Worms seeks to spread the faith and goals of Thasmudyan. In addition to spreading the faith of Thasmudyan, the cult instills religious doctrine and works to create fanatics of undead worship within the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

Like some other cults, it has regional headquarters in a number of regions. Due to their troubled history of aggression, heinous crimes, and undead creation, most governments have banned this cult. The highest authority of the cult is the Arch-Cabal Dax Jagg.

The cult also teaches the dark arts to its members. It does not create undead like famine spirits or similar undead that consume or destroy bodies. For the Cult, less bodies means less dead that can be raised. They also do not create undead that are specially designed to destroy other undead.

Cells of the Cult of Worms
Bone DrakonActiveNecrocryptBasilica of ThasmudyanDax Jagg
Ghost DrakonActiveHells WombBirungrithTharril Ushulith
Wight DrakonActiveGrashakhKorbortununknown
Zombie DrakondestroyedAzrikMarmarath-
Fall of Zombie Drakon ?? - 1693

Zombie Drakon was a cell of the Cult of Worms with a regional headquarters in Marmarath. They oversaw affairs in Azrik. They were tasked with spreading the gospel of Thasmudyan to the people of Azrik. In the Terror March, perhaps in retribution for Thasmudyan's Betrayal, the hell knight Raxcvillibus sacked Marmarath. They killed every member of the cell they could find.

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