OwnerOrchish Empire
Founded27 Kindle 1120

Kotharlarg is sited in the evergreen forest of Morath. The city is the old capital of the Orchish Empire. As the empire expanded and consolidated to the north, the capital was moved to Gháshulg. One of the greatest defenses of the city is the river Glumgard. Orc engineers have made many canals off this river which can be used to flood her southern approach.

Kotharlarg is the headquarters of a powerful sect of deathguards called the Eshgerim. Saint Tyrinaxx, religious authority for all of the empire's southern holdings, is also the supreme commander of Kotharlarg. The city also maintains a larger number of hydras used for gladiator combat and as war beasts.

Kotharlarg is a rough and almost lawless city. Even at the heart of the Orchish Empire, law cannot be instilled in the inhabitants of this place. Many believe the ancient ruins of the githzerai fortress, Limbgud, in the hills overlooking the place are the source of chaos.

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