First Epoch

Period1 - 999

The First Epoch spans the period 1 to 999.

Year 1 - The Balance

On 20 Temporal, the first day of spring of the year and of the First Epoch, the gods Arcana and Silvanus forge a divine alliance called The Balance.

Year 2 - Talos Ascends

On 17 Saunsas, The Balance elevates Talos to demigod status.

Year 9 - Tetramord

Coremeen's four great tribes, three Graagvrii and one Vedrii, forge the Tetramord Pact.

Year 10 - Phael-Tetramord War

Turgon is beset with a massive war between the island's elves and lizardfolk. The Phael-Tetramord War starts.

Year 13 - Turgon Exodus

The elves of Celanil depart Turgon. This departure is the beginning of what becomes known as the Turgon Exodus.

Year 14 - Ice Pillar War

The Ice Pillar War begins.

Year 15 - Tasartir

After abandoning Turgon, Celanil's refugees establish the settlement Tasartir.

Year 20 - Tharuzbaluk Independence

Tharuzbaluk declares itself an independent city-state, leading to war with its mother city Hagurthand.

Year 22 - Fragning

The settlement Fragning is founded by Cibothrâr's earth giants.

Year 23 - Dalg

Alas, the old enemy follows us to Bal-Kriav. The Phael-Tetramord War is not going well. Our mages are seeking every avenue to gain an advantage. In desperation, this includes a petition to open up the archival vaults and procure forbidden scrolls written by the ill-fated Celedhroth. Though now long since swallowed up by their own dark magic, their scrolls, tomes, and relics still haunt our archival vaults. This magic, created by a magocracy that once governed Marchenir is focused on fiends and conjuration. Must we turn to fiends that are more ruthless and cunning than our current enemies?

This morning the vote was in favor of opening up the archival vaults. Can we practice restraint and not bring fell creatures forth that will do to us what they did to the Celedhroth?

- Neithil, scribe of the High Magister, 13 Hollow 23 - "Beginning of the Dark Pacts"

The giant hold Dalg is completed by the hill giant Chieftain Dalg-Stump.

Eldalweril moves its capital to Hyassalmo.

Phael conjurers create a rift linking Turgon with the demon world Abyssm. The rift, leading to Demogorgon's capital city, becomes known as the Ungorth Reddik Road.

Year 24 - Lossëhelin Departure

Lossëhelin's wood elves abandon Turgon.

Year 25 - Exodus Ends

The Phael-Tetramord War ends. Later in the same year, the last vessel of the Turgon Exodus leaves for safer lands.

Year 26 - Nápoldë

Along the northwestern coasts of Brucrumus, the Cirongwathir elves that fled with the rest of the Phael, re-establish their people with the founding of the Nápoldë settlement.

The Tetramord pact ends.

Year 27 - Idril

In the northwestern forests of the High Wood Country, the Nénharma elves that fled in the Turgon Exodus, re-establish their people with the founding of Idril.

The Turgon Boundary Ward is raised around Turgon.

Year 29 - Megrlof

Megrlof is founded.

Year 30 - Rise of the Angrod

Five years after fleeing the demon hordes on Turgon, the Lossëhelin establish a new nation on Brucrumus called the Angrod confederacy.

Year 31 - Fall of Glangveif

The Glangveif empire falls to the armies of Hofthorm, ending the Ice Pillar War.

Year 32 - Akann'ndâb

Akann'ndâb is founded by the Khazarkar.

Year 33 - Otraki Gaum

Frost giant refugees of Glangveif establish the settlement Otraki Gaum.

Year 34 - Inge'rya

Influenced by agents of Asmodeus, the sahuagin of Kerriack are unified under the Inge'rya Empire.

Year 36 - Rise of Rúmil

The Rúmil is established.

Frost giants and ice troll refugees of Glangveif establish the settlement Indraph.

The Turgon Boundary Ward is raised around Turgon.

Year 42 - Oaken Gate

While tampering with the Web of Magic, Ancalimë wizards create an intra-system rift. It becomes known as the Oaken Gate.

Year 43 - Curse of Krak-Oth

Krak-Oth curses thousands of Theegan horse cultists. Over night, the cultists are transformed from Theegans into bestial centaurs called the Jara.

Year 45 - Hlat'tar Last Aboleth

The last of Hlat'tar's aboleth is hunted down by a Filion'lyr bounty hunter.

Year 49 - Fall of Ak'mrîtun

The empire of Ak'mrîtun, depopulated by incessant Jara raids, comes to an end.

Five Theegan witches establish the Arch-Mages of Merioss.

Year 50 - Eclavfryn

Eclavfryn is founded by drow settlers from Dhaunril'yraen.

Year 52 - The Oaken Gate

Wood elves of Ancalimë travel through the Oaken Gate and settle in the Elberial forest.

The Theegans stake claim to an ancient Lith-Crillion city and rename it Incubus.

Year 59 - Rise of Spirachiln

The Spirachiln empire is established.

Year 60 - Elamir

Galadriël builds the Elamir Fortress.

The Theegans of Skycius raise the Briltarn tower as an early warning system for the terrors of Yagolorn.

Year 65 - Elalmoth

The settlement Elalmoth is founded by the Kriavfahliil.

A military coup installs the half-clockwork Burrorolath as the new head of Rha'khar.

Year 66 - Mechantus

The settlement Mechantus is founded by the Gimrune.

Year 68 - Prism of Merioss

The Arch-Mages of Merioss begin constructing the Prism of Merioss.

The settlement Khatúlg is founded by the Ogre Lord Jidekai.

Year 71 - Khazir-Mizir

The Khazir-Mizir becomes the new government of Malad-Mîn.

Year 72 - Rise of Ranturâpha

The ixitxachitl empire Ranturâpha is established under Queen Ranturâpha.

Year 75 - Turgon Aeries

The Turgon Aeries are corrupted by abyssal energies.

Year 77 - Khan Mingrur

Mingrur, a Jara warlord forms the first Jara Horde. This army begins the invasion of the Singarban forest.

The city-states Hagurthand, Tharuzbaluk, Arazindam, and Duluk-Zirag are united together under the Irdtrax empire.

Year 79 - Hazrith

The settlement Hazrith is founded by the Calijoth and the other tribes fleeing the invading Jara.

Year 81 - Charm of Razalannas

Somewhere in the depths of Badmaer, Azwyr Amoruk explorers find an ancient dragon orb called the Charm of Razalannas. They use this device to take control of several Mulinburam ghost kings.

Year 82 - Mulinburam

The Gamakkhazar use the Mulinburam to take control of several leaders and other important figures of Khalas's goliath tribes. The tribes are then manipulated into forming a alliance, becoming the confederacy Khalas-Tûr. Months later, this barbarian horde declares war on the Malad-Mîn. This starts the Mulinburam War.

Year 84 - Hanthaerion

The settlement Hanthaerion is founded by the wood elves of Elberial.

Nûl-Bazân is founded by the Malad-Mîn.

Year 85 - Asvard Fjoll

Megrlof establishes the government security force Asvard Fjoll.

Year 86 - Fall of Malad-Mîn

The Malad-Mîn oligarchy falls to the Khalas-Tûr, ending the Mulinburam War.

The Long Flight, begins with 426 talaxans in search of an ancient holy site called Tulukhan.

Khazarkar shamans began a campaign to replace their native language with the Lith-Crillion language Nidurrâb.

Year 88 - Rise of Brisingr

Remnants of the fallen empire Malad-Mîn establish the kingdom of Brisingr.

Year 89 - Tulukhan

After a two year journey starting at Dechôz, the Long Flight ends with the discovery of Tulukhan.

Year 90 - Phaluth

The settlement of Phaluth is founded by Nûl-Bazân.

Year 92 - Rise of Phlehorn

The people of Nûl-Bazân and Phaluth establish the kingdom of Phlehorn.

Year 95 - Voruner

The settlement Voruner is founded by the gnomes of Pixit.

Year 96 - Kharal-Gik

Guthnimor builds the bridge Kharal-Gik.

Year 99 - Birth of Melora

On 2 Bloom, the future god Melora is born.

The settlement Gaudrith is founded.

Year 101 - Fall of Hofthorm

Internal conflict among the Princes of Hlimi shatters the Hofthorm Monarchy into petty kingdoms.

Year 112 - Galadriël

The wood elves of Elberial establish the Galadriël Kingdom.

Year 115 - Viressur

Viressur is constructed as a nesting place for five phoenixes.

Year 120 - Razing of Fragning

The Horde of Tamoroc razes Fragning.

Year 126 - Phara-Bal

Talaxan settlers from Dechôz establish the settlement Phara-Bal.

Year 129 - Celebriän

Gwildath colonists leave Kriav and come to Bal-Kriav. They take up residence in Gwaeldior with the founding of the settlement Celebriän.

Year 135 - The Mongor Raid

A Jara Horde, led by the Khan Mongor (c.f. Butchers of Mongor), rampages through Quellestir, killing thousands of Forstneblin.

The Taraglandu leave the Kingdom of Phlehorn.

Year 145 - Narukgulan

The settlement Narukgulan is founded by the Taraglandu dwarves.

Year 146 - Gazulud-Gik

Guthnimor engineers finish constructing Gazulud-Gik.

Year 151 - Hag Hunt

Tragarans of southern Gulimbor, long plagued by evil fey and hags from Messu-Nora, begin hunting them down; starting the Purging of the Hags.

Year 155 - Exploration of Cha-ka

Mechantus sends an expedition into the Hive, exploring the ancient ruin Cha-ka.

Year 156 - End of the Purging of the Hags

With a scarcity of hags to hunt, the Purging of the Hags unofficially ends.

Year 166 - Fall of Stygnhild

Toomrur under the Ogre Lord Golthess defeat the Jafknarri at the Fall of Stygnhild.

Year 170 - Begnhidrir War

In the far north of Brucrumus, near the glacial wall of Ice Cap, the Begnhidrir War begins.

Year 173 - Ice Brothers Pact

To meet the menace of the Draguron Empire, the Ice Brothers Pact is forged by the waters of Thosgeir.

Year 175 - Harworb

The settlement Harworb is founded by the Phlehorn.

Year 185 - Fall of Draguron

The Peace of Moth is signed, ending the Draguron Empire.

Year 188 - Bokgruma

The Taraglandu complete the fortress of Bokgruma.

Year 198 - Virkning Pact

Giants and humanoids of the Elephant Backbone forge the military pact Virkning.

Year 201 - Auhtai Obloids

Tragarans find the Auhtai Obloids in the Tal'tich ruin.

Year 206 - Beren Ancalímon

Kriavian elf wizards of Spirachiln form the guild Beren Ancalímon.

Year 208 - Liope

Sussgurd settlers from Râpha-Sûn found Liope.

Year 209 - Piranoth Cyst

An expedition led by Nindonor leads to the discovery of Piranoth Cyst.

Nearing defeat in the war Virkning Rising, the pact Virkning breaks up.

Year 210 - Virkning Rising Ends

The war Virkning Rising ends.

The Holentur War begins.

Year 211 - Chal-Kazod

Khazarkar tribesmen of southern Imrabêl establish the settlement Chal-Kazod.

Year 218 - Vaesvild

Dissatisfied with Fragning's "civilized path", colonists found Vaesvild on the rim of a great slit piercing the deeps.

Year 221 - Treaty of Alêth

The Treaty of Alêth is forged between Akann'ndâb and the Tragaran city-state Lanirûk.

Beledhwindor is founded by Rúmil settlers.

Year 222 - Fall of Ethenoran

Ethenoran is overcome by the military forces of Râpha-Sûn. With the fall of the last Ethenoran, the last of the magical trees of Holentur turns to stone, crumbles, and sinks into the earth.

Year 226 - Invonil

Invonil is founded by divers and fishers out of Selûn.

Year 229 - Thithak

The settlement Thithak is founded by settlers out of Irthorn.

Year 240 - Rise of Engineen

On Angvild, the first democratic empire is formed with Engineen.

Year 250 - Khazarkar Nobility

The first Khazarkar nobility is established from the light-purple skinned family of Belkazim. The Kingdom of Belkazim is founded later in the year.

Year 251 - RNOB

The Râpha-Nâr Oversight Board is formed.

Year 252 - Belkazim War

The Kingdom of Belkazim goes to war against the Chal-Kazod city-state.

Year 255 - Fall of Chal-Kazod

King Belkazim of Akann'ndâb captures the Chal-Kazod city-state.

Year 273 - Splintered State

The Adrumul-Belkazim War begins with Chal-Kazod declaring itself for the Adrumul family and its allies.

Year 275 - Rise of the Kingdom of Adrumul

The Adrumul-Belkazim War ends with capture of Chal-Kazod. The Belkazim family are driven out of power, mostly by murder, and the Kingdom of Belkazim falls. The Kingdom of Adrumul is founded by the Adrumul family. The Adrumuls become part of noble hierarchy, a notch above the Minâth, called the Minâth-Nôrî.

Year 279 - Valdrek Jusk

In the fens of the Scheming Five, the settlement Valdrek Jusk is founded.

Year 296 - Tasartir Split

Kriavian elf families of Tasartir, seeking governorship by the nobility, depart for new lands.

Year 297 - Mezrack Migration

Mezrack settlers leave Arcana for new lands.

Year 298 - Andrithiach

The settlement Andrithiach is founded by Tasartir colonists.

The settlement Agibandal is founded by Mezrack settlers.

Year 299 - Tani-Tur

Tragaran tribesmen of Hagmoth, the Tangad-Sin, establish the settlement Tani-Tur.

The people of Andrithiach establish the Melephaeusa monarchy.

Year 301 - Ing-Serold

Tragaran tribesmen of Woad, the Burterinii, establish the settlement Ing-Serold.

Year 303 - Bolip-Stalacite

Bolip-Stalacite is founded by Vynnendar settlers.

The Sons and Daughters of Bile mourn the loss of their dragon father Bile. They splint into family groups and adopt the family name Bile.

Year 311 - Miruk-Nalbêth

Kebechet clergy of Akann'ndâb finish construction of the Miruk-Nalbêth temple.

Year 314 - Rise of Urthin-Mejin

The city-state Tyelmantar becomes capital of the newly formed Urthin-Mejin empire.

Year 316 - Enkii

Enkii (c.f. Embers), a guild dedicated to teaching and learning the Path of Yolos Paagoliik is founded in Suf Sungaar.

Year 326 - Ermikel the Balance

Ermikel the Balance is born.

Year 339 - Rise of the Niratar Theocracy

The Niratar Theocracy is established.

Year 340 - Rise of Tinnanguth

The Sussgurd city-state Râpha-Sûn captures their southern rival Liope. These two cities and other small holds become part of the newly formed Tinnanguth Empire.

Year 341 - Fall of Alukhan

Selûn is captured by the Duraigosâns. Thereafter, they nearly wipe out the Alukhans that once lived here.

At the Tal'tich ruins, Khazarkar explorers find preserved Auhtai eggs.

Year 344 - Mezrack Migration

Mezrack settlers leave Arcana for new lands.

Year 346 - Rise of the First Khazarkar Empire

In the southern tracts of Gulimbor, rises the First Khazarkar Empire.

The settlement Ilbaragûn is founded by the Mîmig-Khâla.

Year 350 - Rise of the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty

The Cal-Thaoun Dynasty is established.

Year 351 - Ag Staaz

The settlement Ag Staaz is founded by the salamanders home to the Lair of Sebgult.

Year 352 - Secrets of the Pyramid of Nature

Veslospan writes his theory on the purpose of the Pyrmidian Ghouls.

Year 354 - Rise of the Burterinii

The Kingdom of Burterinii is established.

Year 355 - Geb

On 5 Brightstar, Geb joins The Balance.

Year 360 - Sagayân Kazanîr

Sagayân Kazanîr becomes the leader of the First Khazarkar Empire.

Year 361 - End of the Tarband's Wraiths

Adventurers in service to the crown of Phlehorn, put down the shadow dragons haunting Tarband-Khâl.

Year 364 - Mablung

The settlement Mablung is founded by the Angrods.

Year 365 - Thular-Tûr

The fortress of Thular-Tûr is built by the Burterinii.

Year 366 - Loremaster of Ermikel

Ermikel the Balance establishes the Lore Institute at Mannakhôr.

The Malêth-Zandân unseat the Kazanîrs, becoming the new rulers of the First Khazarkar Empire.

Year 370 - Fall of Tani-Tur

Tani-Tur (c.f. Athânâlo) is captured by the Burterinii.

Year 384 - Kashu'khas

A group of shamans in the Godrath tribe establish the Kashu'khas.

Year 390 - The Mammon Purge

The followers of Mammon, so-called free market idealists, leave the Seven Vales of the Hairfoots in what becomes known as the Mammon Purge.

Year 395 - Rabaranda

The settlement Rabaranda (c.f. Moglúr) is founded by halfling refugees from Nermanea.

Year 397 - Malêth Sônê

The bardic academy Malêth Sônê is founded.

Year 398 - Tarbhunarâg

The settlement Tarbhunarâg is founded by clan Daklode.

The settlement Sillutho is founded by Tragaran pirates of Hargul.

Year 409 - Slaughter of the Pale Clergy

A blackness sweeps the realm of Bal-Kriav. For thirty days, the nights are pitch dark, and the days are overcast with a sickly green haze. Undead in all areas are bolstered by negative energy, seeming to bask in the gloom of the darkness cast by Deaths Kindle. This event becomes the first recorded Zenith of Darkness.

Miruk-Nalbêth clergy of the god Kebechet are murdered by the mortal Thasmudyan and a pact of demons.

The kuo-toans of Fongruk-Toa and the illithids of Ginrall forge the Diortfel Pact.

Year 410 - Rise of the Thashangriel

The red dragon Bothorthesh and her salamander minions establish the nation of Thashangriel.

Melephaeusa builds the Thegildreon Fortress.

Thasmudyan explores the Spire of Molakh-Búle.

Year 411 - Stegniir Inhus

Thashangriel forms the Stegniir Inhus government.

The dragon cult Oduv Ven is established to promote the interests of their master Amaglothorn.

Year 412 - Third Imrabêl War

The First Khazarkar Empire starts the Third Imrabêl War against the minotaurs of the Imrabêl valley.

Elalmoth is sacked by the Diortfel Pact.

Year 414 - End of Third Imrabêl War

The Third Imrabêl War ends. The minotaurs of Imrabêl are defeated and enslaved by the armies of the First Khazarkar Empire.

Year 419 - Glanningol

The ancient settlement Glanningol is rebuilt by the Angrods.

Year 420 - Minotaur Cultural Edict

King Phenul-Tamrâk of the First Khazarkar Empire enacts the Minotaur Cultural Edict.

Year 421 - Birth of Menkentat

Born in the bowels of Sken Drog, a Muneyd'vith is named Menkentat.

Year 425 - Tarbhunarâg Split

Tarbhunarâg legally cedes from the crown of Phlehorn.

Year 426 - Sceptre of Phenul-Tamrâk

The court wizard Bânizgar crafts a scepter of rule and official power for the reigning king of the khazarkars. Much later, this scepter will become the Sceptre of Phenul-Tamrâk.

Year 427 - Rise of Daklode

Dwarf colonizers from Phelhorn establish the nation of Daklode.

Year 431 - Voderak

Internal fighting in the cult Vith Alok leads to the founding of the Vodrerak.

Year 434 - Fall of Glagengrane's Corungrall

Platinum Six and several hundred bariaur mercenaries capture Corungrall.

Year 435 - Dragon-Descended

Whitefang cultists, with the help of Amaglothorn, successfully infuse hosts with dragon blood, creating the first Diiv Kiir by unnatural methods.

Year 441 - Gwildath Colonizers

Gwildath colonizers come through a feywild fuse and settle in Inzurakthol.

Year 442 - Maurkac

The settlement Maurkac is founded by Nermaneans out of Rabaranda.

Year 444 - Snowflake Manse

The Snowflake Manse is completed.

Year 451 - Gunbil

The settlement Gunbil is founded by Phlehorn.

Year 454 - Mannakhôr

The settlement Mannakhôr is jointly founded by the First Khazarkar Empire and the Kingdom of Burterinii.

Year 455 - Allof Stond War

The Allof Stond War begins.

Year 461 - Fall of Tani-Tur

The First Khazarkar Empire captures Tani-Sur from the Burterinii.

Year 470 - Inyon'van Agreement

On 9 War March, the Inyon'van Agreement is signed, ending the Allof Stond War.

Year 472 - Yol Kahest

The settlement Yol Kahest is founded by Thashangriel.

Year 485 - Tallsard

Expanding to the coasts, Tallsard is founded by the Kingdom of Phlehorn.

Year 497 - Lokumord

The settlement Lokumord is founded by the Dakolode.

Year 503 - Brisingr Changes Government

Brisingr adopts a federalist government.

Year 512 - Drugnod Pact

Drugnods of the Kashu'khas forge a demon pact with Demogorgon.

Year 532 - Limbgud

Githzeri monks build a fortress-like monastery called Limbgud.

Year 536 - Tharam-Khâl

The Gimhak construct Tharam-Khâl.

Year 539 - Gûn-Thûl

Gûn-Thûl is founded by Ilbaragûn settlers.

Year 541 - Ice Tear

Ice Tear is built by the slaves and minions of Amaglothorn.

Year 544 - Marakellûth Re-Settled

Rúmil settlers occupy the Marakellûth ruin.

The First Harpy War begins.

Year 545 - Rise of Ithendelt

Rúmil colonists establish the break-away nation Ithendelt.

Year 546 - Rise of the Drugnod Dynasty

Gnolls under the leadership of Gaufthaur, establish the Drugnod Dynasty.

Year 547 - Order 3C

Looking to end the nomadic ways of the tribes, the Drugnod Dynasty initiates Order 3C.

Year 551 - Amanwen

The settlement Amanwen is founded by the Angrods.

Year 551 - Ice Tomb

Empress Gaufthaur, leader of the Drugnod Dynasty, entombs Foropode in ice.

Year 556 - Order 3C

Considered a success, Order 3C is halted.

Year 580 - Birth of Jurmalon

Jurmalon is born.

Year 581 - Rise of Lum Trumgol Mir

The green dragon Graag'vahriz establishes the Lum Trumgol Mir confederacy.

Year 585 - Matak

The settlement Matak is founded by the Ghadbakhs.

Year 597 - Unvarith

The outpost of Unvarith is established by the Âkhi.

Year 601 - War of the Three Queens

Three sisters of Burterinii blood, each a Queen of a Tragaran empire, become embroiled in the War of the Three Queens.

On Throndar, the first of the Eenkai Void Pods, later to be called Hadal One, is built.

Year 602 - Kugirmuk

The settlement Kugirmuk is founded by the gnolls.

The Igurkesh are created by Sahqon Lok Maar's minions.

Year 603 - Moredhel

Queen Sanglamore, Queen Sarquiness, and Queen Bleeberghast perish in Moredhel. The death of these sister-queens ends the War of the Three Queens, but gives life to three artifacts - Bleeberghast, Sanglamore, and Sarquiness.

Year 605 - Aebilchunus

The settlement Aebilchunus is founded by Mîmêk settlers.

Year 608 - Herfarel Departure

Faced with a war of attrition and the enemy growing stronger each year, the people of Herfarel abandon their city.

Year 611 - Utarn

The Tinnanguth finish constructing Utarn.

Year 612 - Ex-Phlehorns

The Burazdan clan and others part with the Phlehorn Monarchy. Travelling south into Khizunul they establish the settlement of Numakkhalgu.

The settlement Broken Teeth is founded by the tribe of the same name.

Year 614 - Nillunâth joins the Minâth-Nôrî

The Nillunâth family becomes part of the Minâth-Nôrî.

Year 617 - Bathyl

On Throndar, the second of the Eenkai Void Pods, later to be called Bathyl, is built.

Year 621 - Rise of the Deep Six

On Ilabizdum, the Deep Six empire is formed.

Year 623 - City-State of Tallsard

Tallsard parts with the Kingdom of Phlehorn, becoming a self-governing city-state.

Year 634 - Fathom

On Throndar, the third of the Eenkai Void Pods, later to be called Fathom One, is built.

Year 639 - Rise of Grimmarsveinn

Tallsard and other coastal holds of the Clans Region establish the Grimmarsveinn mercantile syndicate.

Year 640 - Klord

The settlement Klord is founded by Grimmarsveinn.

Year 642 - Rise of Hjalmarbrodd

The Kingdom of Hjalmarbrodd is established.

The settlement Maurkac is founded by the Armânuk halflings.

Year 645 - Numakkhalgu Multarax

The war college Numakkhalgu Multarax is established.

Biomechallum, an Eenkai Void Pod is built by the Intellectual Creed.

Year 650 - Guetol

The settlement Guetol is founded by the Shou warlord Ejigez.

Year 652 - Fathom Two

On Throndar, the fifth Eenkai Void Pod, later to be called Fathom Two, is built.

Year 654 - The Meltdown

In the lands of Elrohir Mithrandír, the great icy expanse of the Rejork Glacier begins to rapidly melt from beneath. Volcanoes and their spewing lava melt the glacier over the next four years, creating a vast and scarred valley called Houphoz.

Athânâlo becomes the capital of the First Khazarkar Empire.

Year 655 - Sos Vrii Cell

Sos Vrii joins Vith Alok.

Year 685 - Scartaris

The settlement Scartaris is founded by the hobgoblin Scar tribe.

Year 690 - Neguntalc

The settlement Neguntalc is founded by Dromite pirates.

Year 703 - Chunswornkrak

Akthol-Tharag colonists establish the settlement Chunswornkrak.

Year 711 - Melora Ascends

On 12 War March, Melora is ascended by The Balance.

Year 712 - Rise of the Nermanis Syndicate

Maurkac and other Nermanean holds of central Cinazan unite under the Nermanis Syndicate.

Year 714 - Storm of Chaos

A storm in Chaos pushes Limbgud into Bal-Kriav. This githzerai monastery comes to rest in Morath.

Year 720 - Vla'akith CXV

Far're Qainulyth becomes Vla'akith CXV, ruler of the B'lailleth Empire.

Year 721 - Zujukiz

The settlement Zujukiz is founded by the Shou warlord Norato.

Seeking to restore Mir'piamauza glory, the city-state Kel'gah starts the Gradorian Unification War.

Year 723 - Rise of Nathargundu

The Gûlan-Gûl colony of Akthol-Tharag cede from their parent kingdom and establish the kingdom of Nathargundu.

Year 724 - Flight of Apocalypse

The red dragon Apocalypse is attacked, driven from Thashangriel by jealous Muneyd'vith generals. Apocalypse flees far to the west, settling in the Iraktharbhun valley.

The settlement Sureg is founded by Dromite pirates.

Year 725 - Glothreth

Glothreth was built by the wizard Anube and her lackeys.

The Gradorian Unification War ends.

Year 726 - Morguard

The Nathargundu dwarves finish constructing Morguard.

Year 728 - Fall of Narukgulan

Apocolypse and his Graagvrii army drives the Taraglandu dwarves from Narukgulan.

Year 729 - Berrobess Reclaimed

Lum Trumgol Mir takes claim of the Mir'piamauza ruin Berrobess.

Year 734 - Rise of Nordern

By way of the Hollow of Tarsilja, Eenkai intellectuals settle on Gebs Rain. On 16 Artifice, these settlers establish the nation of Nordern with Hadal One her capital.

Year 736 - Fall of Iglutt

Apocalypse captures Iglutt.

Year 738 - Rise of the Witch Horde

A conclave of Theegan witches establish the Witch Horde.

Year 740 - Hlothangi Insurgency

The Hlothangi Insurgency embroils the Drugnod Dynasty in civil war.

Year 741 - Utoto

The settlement Utoto is founded by the Shou warlord Qiatol.

Year 743 - Ithilmar

The settlement Ithilmar is founded by the githzerai of Kuli-Cir.

Year 745 - Roongutil

The githzerai empire Roongutil is established.

The Gaereaus Confederation is established.

Year 746 - Rise of Yagamph

Leadership taken out by end of the Drugnod Pact, and the on-going Hlothangi Insurgency, the Drugnod Dynasty is replaced by the Yagamph Republic.

Year 749 - Carathlos

Elven wizards of Ithendelt establish the guild Carathlos.

Year 750 - The Minotaur Rebellion

The minotaur freedom fighter Ba'lith, begins the slave resistance against the First Khazarkar Empire.

Year 751 - Thrones War

Built only weeks apart, two warring mages of the north power up their artifact thrones. They transfer their psyches into the Pumice Throne and the Glacial Throne, starting the Thrones War.

Year 753 - Thrones War

Fighting in the Thrones War spills over into the lands of the Tamlêrran.

Year 755 - Rise of Cinderfall

In the fiery wastes of Anubeth, the Cinderfall Empire is established.

Year 756 - Rise of Artaxertus

In the frigid lands of Igas, the Artaxertus Empire is established.

Year 758 - Magrâbik Monoliths

The first two anchors of what will become six Magrâbik Monoliths are built on the southern edge of Magrâbik. These become the first section of the Elemantum Boundry Ward.

Year 760 - Gibil-Nâru Splinter

Clan Gibil-Nâru leaves the Kingdom of Phlehorn.

Year 761 - League of Magicks

Tragaran wizards of Gulimbor establish the League of Magicks.

Year 762 - Leghorn the Human

A Cal-Thaounean nicknamed Leghorn the Human, comes up with an alchemical solution to harden the horns of the Khazarkar Empire's minotaur slaves. With this, the three century practice of trimming minotaur horns ended.

Year 765 - Umakh-Morz

Yagamph finish work on Umakh-Morz (c.f. Outpost Prime).

Year 769 - Elementam Boundary Ward

Tamlêrran completes the Elemantum Boundary Ward.

Blac'drugulois and a company of war trolls plunder Limbgud.

Year 774 - Ebethords Crawler

Tinnanguth creates Ebethords Crawler.

Year 775 - Grul Vund

The fortress of Grul Vund is built by Thashangriel.

Year 776 - Mogdúlg

The settlement Mogdúlg is founded by the goliath.

The Sixth Siguzilbak War begins.

Year 778 - Vorjunt

The secret society Vorjunt is established by minotaur slave smiths under the yoke of the First Khazarkar Empire

Year 779 - Howling Wind

Gnoll conjurers and demonologists join together under the guild Howling Wind.

Year 783 - Entropy

The Entropy cult is founded at Mogdúlg.

Year 784 - Rise of Fargimdal

The Sixth Siguzilbak War ends with the fall of the hobgoblin empire Kuladul. From its capital, the dwarven kingdom of Fargimdal begins.

Year 785 - Great Minotaur Revolt

The enslaved minotaur population of the First Khazarkar Empire rise up against their masters in what becomes known as the Great Minotaur Revolt. The minotaurs begin a long campaign of unrest and insurrection.

Year 789 - Ugenarg

The settlement Ugenarg is founded by Yagamph.

Year 790 - Rise of Borillisk

Tragrans of Hedrac, under the leadership of what would become known as the Elder Furs, establish the Borillisk Empire.

The Dabul-Gind fortifications are built by Fargimdal.

Year 791 - Amaglothorns Breath

A blizzard forms in the colossal fortress called Ice Tear. The storm was powered by the energies of Chaos and would not cease for another fifty years. Amaglothorns Breath would drive out the elves and dwarves of the area and lead to the development of a frozen landscape called Inzurakthol.

Year 792 - Bombing of Geb

On the world of Gebs Rain, the Norderns suffer under the Bombing of Geb.

Year 796 - Minotaur Liberation

The First Khazarkar Empire ends the Minotaur Cultural Edict. This ends the three century servitude of the minotaurs, and brings an end to the Great Minotaur Revolt.

Year 798 - Bâlê

Bâlê is founded by freed minotaurs of Great Minotaur Revolt (785 - 796).

Year 799 - Marakellûth Abandonment

Suffering increasing attacks from the jara hordes, the Ithendelts abandon Marakellûth.

The red dragon Hellbleaker along with his army of fire giants capture Orias Vual.

Year 801 - Ilfongrak

Having won their freedom from the First Khazarkar Empire, minotaurs head northeast into Azrik founding the mountain abode Ilfongrak.

Ebethord, senator of Tinnanguth, founder of Râpha-Sûn, and protector of the Ebethords Crawler, dies of old age.

Year 803 - Séregon

The settlement Séregon is founded by the Ithendelts.

Year 810 - Thorodrimir

The settlement Thorodrimir is founded by the elven refugees of Inzurakthol.

Year 812 - King of Hjalmarbrodd

King Bilân Taruzdandu II of Hjalmarbrodd, dies a natural death.

The Pugad War begins.

Year 815 - Marmarath

Spanning the Ezdynn River like a great toll gate, Ilfongrak's builders finish the Marmarath citadel.

Prosleytizers spread the word of Coeus into Bâlê.

Year 816 - Merorarg Captured

Merorarg, a city of the Niratar Theocracy, is captured by Bâlê's army.

The Broken Anvil War begins.

Year 817 - Dao Insurrection

The dao slaves of Tinnanguth rise up against their masters in the Dao Insurrection. After the fall of Tinnanguth, the dao warlords jockey for power, starting the Dao Civil War.

Akthol-Tharag begins construction on the Mîm-Gûled fortress.

From the ashes of the Pugad War, the minotaurs of southern Azrik create the Ba'lith Empire.

Year 819 - Dumu-loc joins the Minâth-Nôrî

Raxcvillibus Dumu'loc marries Queen Nillunâth of the First Khazarkar Empire, becoming its new King.

The Dum-loc family becomes part of the Minâth-Nôrî.

Year 820 - Rise of the Har'kish

Githyanki establish the Har'kish Empire.

Ba'lith moves their capital from Bâlê to Merorarg.

Year 822 - Fury of Sebgult

The ancient red dragon Sebgult flies to Gulimbor and turns the Woad into a raging inferno. The fire traps the dwellers of Chal-Kazod in their city. Sebgult lays waste to the city and kills more than 2,000 citizens. Chal-Kazod's governor pays a ransom of 150,000gps and 200 minotaur slaves to Sebgult so that he will leave the lands of Gulimbor and not return.

Tempestant becomes a Cult Power.

Year 823 - Emperor Raxcvillibus

On orders of King Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc, the Nillunâth family is exiled. Once out of the Khazarkar Empire borders, they are tracked down and liquidated. A month later, the military fully behind him, Raxcvillibus is made emperor of the First Khazarkar Empire.

Year 824 - Vows of Anbuzdûn-Khazdu

The Broken Anvil War ends.

Year 829 - End of the Dumu-loc Dictatorship

Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc, dictator of the First Khazarkar Empire is imprisoned, stripped to just a loin cloth and then exiled.

Year 830 - Mîras-Sûr

The psionic academy of Mîras-Sûr is completed by the Borillisk.

Year 832 - Rise of Goth-Dyvermoir

The great red wyrm Hellbleaker establishes the Goth-Dyvermoir empire.

Agdúrn becomes a permanent camp for meetings between the area's trolls, Graagvrii, Viidostor, and other rival groups.

Year 835 - Balloon Ship

The Engineen build the first long-range airship.

The Rat Swarm guild is established at Neguntalc.

Year 839 - Waters of Longevity

Raxcvillibus drinks from the Stream of Immortality.

Year 840 - Rise of Rilirthad

The Dao Civil War ends. The Earthen of Karnegmoth are united under Sal'rurg, master of the Rilirthad Empire.

Year 841 - Rumaktharga

The settlement Rumaktharga is founded by Fargimdal.

Amaglothorns Breath ends.

Eneriyes, daughter of Dispater, is born.

Year 842 - Flakk

Flakk, a mining settlement, is founded by Yagamph.

Year 845 - Rise of the Giff League

The giff of Marragh form the Giff League.

Rilirthad forms the Council of Stone.

The League of Magicks forms a special unit for investigating rifts. This unit is called the Portal Sentinels.

Year 847 - Rise of Shounejo

Shou feudal lords on the continent Amachan unite together, forming the Shounejo empire.

Year 849 - The Hound Gates

The Hound Gates are built by gnoll artisans of Yagamph

Year 851 -Gumargûn

The Nathargundu dwarves finish constructing Gumargûn.

Year 855 - Thalbiruzdu

The Mîmêk of Muzan-Zirum establish the settlement Thalbiruzdu.

Cal-Thaoun assassins form the guild Realm Stalkers.

Year 868 - Battle of Ahi Nute

The Non-Arcane Class of 868, those lacking the aptitude or will to continue their studies in the Khirêl Tâmândêth, become heroes of the Tamlêrran empire, and forever after known as The 222.

Year 869 - Khaleddagun

Fargimdal builds the Khaleddagun fortress.

Year 875 - Rise of Ag Envok

After nearly a century of conflict over the northern ruins and territories of the Zeymah'kein, troops under Menkentat come out on top. This Dragon Lord unifies the people under the empire of Ag Envok.

Year 880 - Tachylyte

The settlement Tachylyte is founded by the Rilirthad.

Ag Envok takes claim of the Zeymah'kein ruin Gaard Goraag.

Year 885 - Rise of Lorthrindal

Wood elves of southern Grashakh establish the empire Lorthrindal.

Year 895 - Rise of Lahvirn Piiv

After subduing Sahqo Nah, Dragon Lord Melfase establishes the empire Lahvirn Piiv.

Year 899 - Eye of Gith

In the Astral Sea, a Har'kish patrol takes claim of an ancient god built battle station. This place comes to be known as the Eye of Gith.

Year 901 - Dumugon

The settlement Dumugon is founded by the Toomrur.

Phlehorn exiles the Bloodbeards from the Clans region.

The settlement Rib'git is founded by the Har'kish Empire.

Year 905 - Ithendelt Schism
Queen Elensar of Ithendelt dies without leaving a heir. This leads to a civil war, the Ithendelt Schism.

Naram-Gunal is founded by Turkûn exiles of the Phlehorn Monarchy.

Year 906 - Rise of Umahanbad

Along the southern tip of the Giant Steps, dwarven exiles from Phlehorn establish the Umahanbad confederacy.

Year 907 - Tritium-Psyche

The settlement Tritium-Psyche is founded by the Har'kish Empire.

Year 910 - Bathor
The settlement Bathor is founded by the Nermanis Syndicate.
Year 911 - Hand of Gith

Deep in the bowels of the Eye of Gith, an ancient weapon is found by the Har'kish. Honoring the greatest hero of the Githyanki, they name it the Hand of Gith.

Year 912 - Rise of Ithengee

The Ithendelt Schism ends. House Glorfindel and her allies are exiled. The Ithendelt kingdom becomes the Kingdom of Ithengee.

Year 913 - Rise of Gilraen

After losing in the Ithendelt Schism, House Glorfindel leads her banished allies across the Core Sea. Only two hundred miles away from their old homeland, they establish a new nation, calling it Gilraen.

Year 915 - Onyx Enmity War

The Onyx Enmity War begins.

Year 917 - Phaze Keep

The wizard-monarch Nârzâtik builds Phaze Keep.

Year 919 - Stellar Debates

The first Stellar Debates is held by the Nil Koraaviik at Galzaras Watch.

Har'kish lab coats learn how to power up the Eye of Gith.

Year 920 - Nermanis Flood

The Onyx Enmity War ends with the draining of the Nermanis Sea.

Year 921 - Rise of Ivory Asylum

The Elderaunt city-states of Straiden join together under the Tâchpachâr confederacy.

A Giff engineer named Towerfoot prints the first edition of his Giff Treatise.

Year 923 - Fall of Nermanis

The draining of the Nermanis Sea cripples the Nermanis Syndicate.

Year 923 - Bralda-Balc

The Bralda-Balc gang is established.

Year 925 - Unvarith Captured

Unvarith, former holding of the Âkhi, is captured by the refugee population of Gholompotl.

Year 926 - Maurkac

Maurkac, former capital of the Nermanis Syndicate, falls to giant raiders out of Gindinâth.

Year 931 - Rise of Zandûl-Khâl

The kingdom of Zandûl-Khâl is established.

Year 942 - Light Unto Darkness

An audacious experiment goes wrong at Mîras-Sûr.

Year 944 - Estandarenya

The settlement Estandarenya is founded by Lorthrindal.

Year 945 - Bithiemeth

Merorarg becomes Ba'lith's new capital.

Bithiemeth is founded by the Ba'lith.

Year 946 - As'lumix

Gimrune in the Soaring Cloudrunner, get caught in the slipstream behind the Clouds of the Dead God and are taken thousands of miles across Brucrumus. Lost and in an unknown land, they settle in the area and found the settlement As'lumix.

Year 948 - Fall of Ugenarg

Ugenarg is sacked by the Witch Horde.

Year 951 - Fall of the Conclave of the Howing Wind

Yack-Leban and his babau demons slay the leading mages of Yagamph.

Year 955 - Illadvard

Illadvard is founded by Goth-Dyvermoir.

Year 956 - End of Yagamph

The Yagamph Republic comes to an end.

Year 962 - Mizagûm

Brachypelma builds the Underdark keep Mizagûm.

Year 970 - Kamrazîr

Lenassu Dras'ee forms an assassin guild called Kamrazîr.

Year 971 - Lorfin-Bator

The trading post Lorfin-Bator is founded by merchants working on behalf of Ivory Asylum. Claiming to be helping the minotaurs with their civilization building, Ba'lith views it as a land grab, spreading their cultural influences, beginning what becomes known as Ivory Imperialism.

Year 974 - Vith'kirr Queen

Lenassu Dras'ee becomes Queen of the First Khazarkar Empire.

Norgtrum is built by the Toomrur.

Year 975 - Khazarkar Purity Edict

Queen Dras'ee enacts the Khazarkar Purity Edict.

Year 977 - Crick

Crick is born.

Year 978 - Tigošal Abandonment

The Stone Wardens uncap the Earth Valve, leading to the creation of the wasteland Mazâd-Khâl and to destruction of Tigošal.

Year 980 - Eldritch Conclave

The Eldritch Conclave is established by mages seeking to overthrow the monarchy of the First Khazarkar Empire.

The settlement Bazandaggûl is founded by colonists from Daklode.

The First Kizan War begins.

Year 983 - Treaty of Mazâd-Khâl

As part of the Treaty of Mazâd-Khâl, Ivory Asylum gives up claim to Mazâd-Khâl and Tigošal.

Year 984 - Capture of Jurmalon

Jurmalon, founder of Ivory Asylum, dies of natural causes. The Balance, seeing him as a good leader for the region, ascend him to the ranks of Higher Power. His time in this role was short, with Set capturing the newly created god, then imprisoning him in his Black Chariot.

Year 985 - Izrukîn Sa Thir

The Conclave wizard Adîlkhâru steals ancient Lith-Crillion tomes from the Pyramid of Conflict. One of these is a book on the Web of Magic alled Izrukîn Sa Thir.

Suffering from a crippling insurgency, Ivory Asylum abandons Lorfin-Bator to Azrik's minotaurs.

Unable to take any more of Set's drowning torture, the demigod Jurmalon is divinely released by Hades.

Year 988 - Fall of Rabaranda

Rabaranda falls to Quellestir's Forstneblin.

Year 993 - Khazarkar Magocracy

The monarchy government of the First Khazarkar Empire is overthrown by the Eldritch Conclave. This group of Khazarkar mages establish a government ruled by the wizards, a magocracy. From this government, a brutal campaign of subjugation of non-Khazarkar races, ensues and magical might in the realm proceeds at an unprecedented rate.

Blac'drugulois joins the mercenary company Zisi-Nul.

Year 995 - Conclave War

Looking to redirect public discord from internal to external, the Khazarkar's wizard rulers start the Conclave War.

The Lorthrindal begin re-building Elalmoth.

Year 996 - Gulimbor Cataclysm

The First Khazarkar Empire, now led by the Eldritch Conclave meet unexpected resistance from the Burterinii hold of Thular-Tûr. The Conclave begins employing ancient Lith-Crillion magic to take the fortress. These web weavers cause a tear in the Web of Magic leading to a magical storm that wipes out Thular-Tûr.

Gulimbor begins to suffer from tears in the Web of Magic. The ruptures in the Web of Magic cascade out of control, starting the Gulimbor Cataclysm.

The Hedrac War war begins.

Year 997 - Reclaiming Limbgud

Melephaeusan lands suffer the Gulimbor Cataclysm.

The Zisi-Nul reclaim Limbgud.

Year 998 - The Great Exodus

Refusing to yield to Khazarkar rule, peoples of Gulimbor begin migrating to other lands. This period of migration becomes known as the Great Exodus.

The mercenary company Stormgur is established at Ing-Serold.

The settlement Cerebrum is founded by the Borillisk Empire.

Year 999 - Hedrac Treaty

Rather than becoming a vassal state to the warmongering First Khazarkar Empire, the Borillisk government flees to Sahuld. Borillisk and the Eldritch Conclave, leaders of the Khazarkars sign the Hedrac Treaty, ending the Hedrac War.

Ing-Serold falls to the army of the First Khazarkar Empire. The Conclave War ends with the defeat of the Burterinii.

The Second Epoch
EpochEra BeginEra End
Dawn Era1 DE8777 DE
God Era8778 GE9500 GE
Lith-Crillion Era1 LE2890 LE
Horgon Era1 HE1895 HE
First Epoch1999
Second Epoch10001499
Third Epoch15002000