Prisms Of Worlds

RegionHells Womb
Opened26 Temporal 1312

The Prisms of Worlds are large hollow, crystalline structures. They are shaped like octagons with each side fashioned of a different colored glass. Inside each is a octagon shaped chunk of the Ebon Bedrock. Tome, a Syndic of the Council of Nine created these magical devices to serve as gateways to other worlds.

The Prisms of Worlds serve as links between Bal-Kriav and the world of Oerth. One Prism is in Paradomea City. By entering this prism, a traveler is taken to Oerth. On that world, those entering that prism are taken to Black Forge.

When they were created, so much magic was used that they temporarily weakened an area of the Web of Magic. This caused Black Forge, once a keep home to Oerth, to shift to the world Bal-Kriav.

Fellow Syndics, a group of adventurers has come through the Great Prism of Black Forge. They call themselves the League of Ten. They were shocked by the decadence of our great city. It seems that the world they came from is much more peaceful, less developed, ripe for exploitation.

- Mefnimius, Information Officer to the Council of Nine, on the arrival of the League of Ten from Oerth - "Reports to the Dark Merchants"