SponsorOrchish Empire
Established16 Bloom 1425

Headquartered in Argruxiel is the necromantic school called Úrwath. It is a government-sponsored institution for the practice and advancement of necromancy. The school is open to priests and mages. In Úrwath, is a special branch called Celephrelwedh. Members of this group worship Krak-Oth. The highest members of Celephrelwedh are granted (through Krak-Oth) the ability to create death knights.

The High Command purchase many undead from Úrwath. Because of this school, a brisk trade of corpses exist in the Orchish Empire. It is a custom for Githirmil to be burned on a funeral pyre - but the promise of loot sometimes makes one break with tradition.

The school gained political influence in the Orchish Empire after the defeat of the Black Tide in the Artery War (1546 - 1554). It was at this time, that the training and education of the select few Orchish necromancers and humanoids expanded immensely. Many creatures, including necromancers and more intelligent undead, fled north into the Orchish Empire rather than being killed in a losing war. Some were enticed to join the school of Úrwath. A few became teachers and added their great knowledge of necromancy to the libraries.

During the final days of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan, the dark shadow began to lift, slowly pushed back by the packs of Hells Womb and the Lands of Purity. The deathly banner of Thasmudyan began to waver and fall under the might of the warriors of Athena, Surtur, and Ares.

Many of the former mercenaries and ranking members of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan fled into the highlands of Grashakh. Thousands upon thousands of slaves, mercenaries, workmen, and tradesmen filled the ranks of the Orchish Empire...staining the racial mix of the population.

- Chikulot, Supreme Marshall of the Interior - "Race Influx"

Úrwath is one of the few places that practice the creation of death knights. Notable death knights created by the Celephrelwedh are Monty the Mad and Lazarus.

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