Battle of Satheon

TheaterSea of Mourning
First Khazarkar Empire VS Ivory Asylum

By the Year 1016, the Great Exodus (998 - 1017) refugees of Gulimbor had established a small foothold on Brucrumus. The First Khazarkar Empire was not about to let these former subjects leave the yoke of Khazarkar rule. On 16 Saunas 1016, the First Khazarkar Empire mobilized a fleet of nearly 150 ships. The mission of this armada was to ravage the fledgling settlements on Hells Womb and sink any enemy vessels they encountered.

Elderaunt spies learned of this mobilization and in turn mobilized a similar sized fleet. Ivory Asylum found the Khazarkars fleet anchored at Satheon. The Khazarkars, suffering from lack of water and damage from a cyclone were unprepared for battle. Ivory Asylum blockaded the bay and sent in fire-ships and war galleys. The battle lasted all day and into the night. The bay lit up with burning and sinking hulks. The fighting was intense with friendly ships accidentally ramming each other and becoming entangled in the riggings of collapsed masts. Only twenty Khazarkar ships made their way out of the bay under cover of darkness. In the battle over 170 vessels and more than 25,000 sailors went to a watery grave. This attack crippled the navy of the First Khazarkar Empire.

The disaster at the Battle of Satheon was one of the factors that led to the Eldritch Civil War. The Battle of Satheon ended the Sorfandien War, last of the Domination Wars (995 - 1016).

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