Grim Harvest Crusade

Period1462 - 1464
TheaterHells Womb
Black Banner VS Dead Guard

The Grim Harvest Crusade was brought on by a conflict of ideologies, those for the creation of undead for any purpose, followers of Thasmudyan, and those against it, followers of Hades. The army that went against the forces of Hades, was led by Black Banner. After assembling an army of undead, goblins and mercenaries, they began their crusade to purge Hells Womb of all Hades influence.

Paradomea financially backed the forces under Black Banner. They did this because for many years the Dead Guards had been making veiled threats against the Council of Nine's lich lords; types the fanatics of Hades are duty bound to put down.

The duty of a Dead Guard is to root out necromancy and destroy it. Undead are our number one enemy. They must be retired, allowing the spirit to make its journey in the afterlife. If not too dangerous to undertake, a redemption of the soul should be made.

- excerpt from a Dead Guard training manual

In the waning days of 1464, the greatest Hades bastion of the Hells Womb region fell. In the Siege of Gravestone Gates, the heroes of Black Banner led a motley force of undead and goblin minions into the captured hold. They were the nucleus of what would become the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

After taking Gravestone Gates, Black Banner turned to rebuilding Zayr.

Notable Battles